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About 2,500 children with Down syndrome are born in Russia annually. In 85% of such births, parents give their children up to maternity homes, often following doctors’ advice. The abandoned children are sent to state institutions with no chance of ever leaving them. But there is an alternative! The children can live in their families and join early intervention and education programmes. They develop and learn under a guidance of special education professionals, and they can go on learning at pre-schools and schools. Children with Down syndrome, no matter how different, have a vast learning potential.
Downside Up invites you to help make life better for people with Down syndrome.
Elena Lubovina
Downside Up
14A Parkovaya Str., Moscow, 105043 Russia
Tel. +7 499 367 1000, +7 499 165 5536
[email protected]


Kitezh is a network of therapeutic communities that give children from orphanages loving foster families.
The aim is to create a developing environment for the education and care of orphans and children in crisis. The first Kitezh village is in Kaluga Region, 300 km south west of Moscow, and the second village, Kitezh-Orion, is located 60 km in the same direction.
Contact: Kitezh Centre
representative Katya Gurkina
Tel: +7 916 975 1603
[email protected]

Diema’s Dream

Diema’s Dream was established in 1998 to provide financial, medical, and educational support for both physically and mentally disabled children in Russia. The larger goal is to support changes in society and legislation in order to create social and medical support programs, which would allow parents to raise their children at home rather than living in institutions.
Who We Support
• Charity House, a Russian non-governmental organization (NGO) in Moscow. Charity House is the first and only one of its kind in Russia. The Moscow City government considers their work with disabled orphans to be a model for orphanage reform. Unfortunately, lack of funding has made it impossible for the government to apply the Charity House standards of child care to other orphanages
• Association of Down’s Syndrome (ADS) program in Moscow.
Academician Bochvar Street, 10A
Moscow Russia 123098
International: 011-7-495-942-4003
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

Moscow Animals 

Email: [email protected]
Moscow Animals – devoted to the welfare of homeless animals. To adopt a dog or cat or if you would like to help local animal shelters by making a donation or volunteering your time, please visit the Moscow Animal Website or email.


Fostering responsible philanthropy in Russia by supporting local charity programs aimed at solving the most critical problems. The Fund is a permanent source of financing for efficient charitable organizations. Charities receiving funding have to demonstrate financial transparency to the highest possible degree. In turn, we guarantee to the donors full adherence by the foundation to Russian legislature and provide full financial and activity reports.
14 Nizhnyaya Str., Bldg. 1, office 5,
Moscow, 125040
Tel./Fax: + 7 (495) 780-97-18
E-mail: [email protected]

United Way

The Fund supports charities offering programs aimed to meet the social needs of the following sections of society:
• children at risk
• disabled (children and adults)
• refugees and homeless
• elderly people

Musical Experimental Theatre ‘Open Art’

Open Art was created in September 2001 for people with learning disabilities. Open Art is based on a unique combination of different art forms and directions:
• Music
• Dramatic art
• Choreography
• Art Design
• Poetry
• Dramatic improvisation
• Ethnic art
The Musical Experimental Theatre Open Art is open for participants from Moscow and Moscow region.
Open Art has developed methods which are being used in rehabilitation centres and institutions for people with learning disabilities. Open Art also organizes courses and seminars for specialists in Moscow.
Email: [email protected]

MPC Social Services

MPC Social Services is one of the longest serving charitable organizations in Moscow.

It is a registered Russian charitable organization and an established 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States that addresses poverty and hunger, and provides medical care and education for Moscow’s poor, including women, children, families, pensioners, economic migrants, and refugees.

To volunteer or donate, please visit our website at