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John Harrison, Editor, Moscow expat Life

Another year comes to an end, and what a year it has been! Whilst many wonderful things have happened, other events have and are taken place, which leads one to hope that next year will be… better. For those of us who actually live in Moscow, perhaps as never before, there is the need to be able to come together and share our experiences. To do this we need information, and this is exactly what Moscow expat Life has set out to do. This issue we bring you news of institutions as diverse as a chocolate museum in Moscow, written by the talented Helen Borodina, on dance clubs in Moscow, written by somebody who just can’t put his dancing shoes away: Brian McCormack. We bring you news of where to play golf in the winter, and print, as always, a whole series of photo reports on social occasions such as the memorable BBC summer Moscow river boat trip. Never before has so much alcohol been drunk by so many Brits and their friends on one evening in the middle of the river Moskva. How about that for the Guinness Book of Records! There are about 3,000 Italians living in Moscow, and Italy is a major trading partner with Russia, with trade ticking up €31 billion last year. In this issue, we feature a special 11-page section on the Mel-9-cover-204x285Italian community living in Russia, with interviews from community leaders, and an introduction from His Excellency Cesare Maria Ragaglini. Viva l’Italia a Mosca. We also print an interview with the Malaysian Ambassador to Moscow, Dato’ Zainol Abidin Omar, and will continue to expand the global perspective of our coverage, as we do indeed live not only in a multipolar world, but a multicultural expat community. On the business side, we venture further into the world of real estate, with an article on fit out, not to be confused with keeping fit. Mark Smith tells us why this industry remains such a bastion of expats, who have been dominating the field since the fall of the Berlin wall (25 years ago this year!). This is followed up by coverage of the first Moscow Construction and Fit-Out Association (MCFO) Awards. In this issue we are starting a new section on real estate news with contributions from JLL. News from other agencies and companies is welcome (please write to: [email protected]). Also in the business section, Chris Weafer provides some salutary information on Russia from an investment point of view, which he reduces down to advice for us all to buy thicker winter coats. Good advice, as this winter is predicted to be particularly long and cold. Happy Christmas and New Year from all of us at Moscow expat Life Selection_215

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