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John Harrison, Editor, Moscow expat LifeIn this issue, Moscow expat Life continues its mission, to present you with a collection of original articles about living and working in Moscow. We hope that this material provides you with some well-deserved respite from the turbulence that surrounds us. The International Women’s Club (IWC) now has a new president, Afrah Mohammed Alfaddaghi, and we are honoured to print an interview with her, and wish her every success in her important and difficult new role. At the same time, I am sorry to say goodbye to Izabella Zajączkowska who has done such a fantastic job for the IWC in Moscow over the last few years. On the get up and do something front, you have no doubt noticed that more and more foreigners and Russians alike are practicing yoga in Moscow! Maybe you are one of them, or would like to find out more about a form of exercise that was previously regarded as esoteric; in which case I hope you will enjoy our article about yoga in this issue. For those preferring a slightly less extraneous sport, we feature information about the winter golf tournament organised by Night Flight. Quite a large number of expats work at The White District office complex, which is currently home to three large consultancy companies. The area is also known for well established (and well frequented) drinking and eating establishments. As an introduction to a new series of working and residential environments for expats, we publish a four page special article on this district. A number of expats is employed in Moscow as teachers of English. Perhaps surprisingly, many used to work in business. In an article about them, Peter Hainsworth explains why and how they made the transition. Members of the Moscow Good Food Club, which continues to provide us with an opportunity to dine at Moscow’s best restaurants, have been busy over the last few months, with two fixtures; one at the Balchug Kempinski, and the second at Chicago Prime. Their culinary adventures are described in detail towards the end of this magazine. On the travel front, Ian Luyt concludes his enlightened wanderings with an article on Valaam. In our business section, Chris Weafer imparts some words of sanity, and Lucy Kenyon terrifies us all (joke) with advise on diet. Read on! I conclude this letter with the first line of an immortal song that we were reminded of during a special showing of the ‘Monty Python Show at O2 in London’ organised by the British Business Club in August. Always Look at the Bright Side of Life! Selection_215


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