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John Harrison, Editor, Moscow expat Life

Welcome to the summer edition of Moscow expat Life. In this issue we feature the roughly 22,000-strong German expat community in Moscow, which is a numerous and powerful group of people. The German community is highly active in business here, although they keep a low profile. We interview Dr Karin von Bismark, CEO of Wirtschaftsclub Russland, and other leading Germans in business here. But it is not only business that Germans excel in here, as Chris Helmbrecht describes in his interview. Of all the charities we have covered so far in Moscow expat Life, Debbie Deegan’s To Russia With Love, must be one of the must worthy causes to support. In this issue, Debbie tells the story of her involvement with Russia form 1998 onwards. Her life and activities in Russia support the view that the Irish are one of the most generous of nations. Despite our efforts to stop the British dominating this magazine, they keep on popping up. In this issue we run features on the Moscow English Theatre, directed and founded by the talented and courageous Johnathan Salway, as well as the British Football Club, created by Richard Speers. We also present South African Ian Luyt’™s final part of his amazing ˜Solovkia series. Perhaps the most relevant useful article that we have ever run is Kim Waddoup’s interview with Lucy and Adrian Kenyon. These two expats (OK, British) and their children, came here, did everything and then some, and left in true expat style. They have a lot of advice to pass on, and we see this interview as being the essence of what our brief is: helping expats enjoy Moscow. Members of the burgeoning Moscow Good Food Club who are of mostly European origin, not that Brits aren’t welcome, fill six pages of this issue as the club held no less than three meets since the spring issue, and demand for more frequent club events is growing. Selection_215




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