Editor's Letter - Moscow expat Life

John Harrison, Editor, Moscow expat Life

A friend of mine who has been living here for a long time told me that living in Russia is a bit like his marriage. œFor years after the initial head-over heels in love situation, I was convinced that I was listening to my wife, but in fact only at the end of the tenth year did we realise that our understanding of the same words and concepts was completely different. He said. We discovered, by accident one day, that we were talking different languages. The process of acclimatisation began, of living with another human being who is completely different from me. Towards the end of the second decade we realised that actually our likes and dislikes are fairly similar and that, strangely enough, we actually like each other, and do not particularly want to live anywhere else, or apart from one another. We are still together, just.

The build up to the Olympics gave our colleagues around the world a wonderful opportunity to criticise almost everything! It became an opportunity to be taken up with great glee, and caused much amusement for all involved. But this is only the latest episode in a long story of blow and counter blow. The ability to stop and really look at what happens to people living in a different culture and try to grasp the real meaning of even the simple things is a difficult thing to do, especially now, but that is what Moscow expat Life is all about.

There is too much in this issue to mention even the highlights, I only wish you a good year, and hope that we are still communicating in a years  time, in language that we can both understand!


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