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John Harrison, Editor, Moscow expat Life

Uncertainty is something nobody likes, whether it be in business or in our private lives. Yet uncertainty is part of our lives in Moscow, it is nothing new. Now it is Britain’s turn, with the decision to stay in or out of the EU coming up on the 23rd of June. This is probably the most important decision which Brits have had to make since the Second World War. I can only hope that we have the wisdom to discover the facts and act impartially, which is very difficult to do considering the instruments of persuasion in the hands of the powers to be, the inherent lack of ability to see the global picture from a local perspective, and a natural desire to secure our short term security at the possible expense of considering the future.

Our American colleagues have perhaps an even more difficult decision coming up which could be described as a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea. All of this seems to put Moscow life into perspective. As Chris Weafer points out in his column, perhaps being off the front pages for a while is actually a positive thing for Russia, whilst a creeping reintegration of the country into the world’s geopolitical communities takes place almost unnoticed.

In this issue it is the British community’s chance to shine. Seven British expatriates tell us of their lives, trials and tribulations whilst living in Russia. Being British myself, I find it difficult not to emphasise the shear ingenuity that we have shown over the years so as to survive here. The question is, why, oh why do we stay? Chris Manuel in his interview, compares living here to being on heroin, in the satisfaction attained when achieving a major success is so intense that it makes one come back for more, and more, and more.

We are fortunate to have as our pastor Father Clive Fairclough, who in his interview reveals that he is not only no stranger to social networks but feels he is fulfilling his mission by using cutting-edge digital technology to communicate with his flock, and we are grateful to see his friendly face on our computer screens, through the portal ‘The City’ inviting us to Church. Under his stewardship St. Andrews church has become a community centre for all, and will be home on June 9-12 to a large celebration in honour of The Queen’s 90th birthday. Too many Brits have been interviewed or have written articles in this issue to mention everybody, so I hope you enjoy it, if you don’t, don’t blame me, I’m British!

We feature no less than three articles on places to go for a weekend near Moscow, as we recognise that those of us staying here over the summer might not really want to explore Sudan or other exotic places (sorry Luc). Now that hotels and rail travel have improved dramatically throughout Russia, there is perhaps no real excuse not to get out and explore this vast country.

Whatever you are doing this summer, enjoy it, while it lasts.


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  • Kim Waddoup
    Moscow Good Food Club in Sever Yug Restaurant, Hotel Standart
  • Kim Waddoup
    Moscow Good Food Club at the Nickolas’ Restaurant

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