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John Harrison, Editor, Moscow expat Life

The long dark days of winter are here. For new arrivals, let me assure you even the Russian winter is temporal and the sun will shine again. Old timers do not need to be told how important it is to get out and socialise over the coming months. Medical issues such as ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ (SAD) brought about by lack of sunlight can be treated medically, but can also be avoided by shutting down the computer and enjoying the warmth of non-virtual human communication. Now is the time to enjoy Moscow’s pubs, clubs, restaurants and theatres. It may surprise you, but Moscow has over 100 theatres, thousands of restaurants and perhaps 20 pubs worth visiting. Discovering them is not easy, however a few of the better restaurants are listed at the end of this magazine, and our highly refined ‘Moscow Good Food Club’ adventures provide a way to appreciate the variety and high quality of what is available in Moscow.

On the socialising front, the ‘Moscow Networking’ events held by this magazine have created waves in Moscow. Held at NightFlight, these evenings serve as a format for foreigners of all nationalities; not just ‘Brits,’ Canadians, Germans, Americans but people from any of the roughly 150 different nationalities living in Moscow, otherwise incongruously labelled ‘expats;’ to come together. We have been separated into our national groups for long enough, now is the time to face whatever is coming together!

This issue we dedicate 12 pages to the Australian community. This is not the largest group of foreigners here, but probably the most friendly. It has always been a pleasure for me personally to forget (at least for an evening) my ‘Britishness’ and socialise at the DownUnder Club or any of the other ‘Aussie’ hang outs or events here in Moscow. In this issue we travel to Azerbaijan a place abounding with pubs, sun and expats.

The IWC has a new President and we welcome Victoria Å eligo to Moscow. In her interview she outlines her plans for this club over the next few years. The last few months have actually been extremely busy with many important anniversaries (AEB, ASEAN, for example) being celebrated in Moscow. Enjoy.



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Why not pickup a printed copy of Moscow expat Life from one of our Premium Distribution Partners!


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