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John Harrison, Editor, Moscow expat Life

“Time passes slowly when you are looking for love.” Thus wrote Bob Dylan in 1970. Time is passing very quickly here in Moscow, and I am not sure that very many of us are looking for love. We seem to be hovering in a state of expectancy between what could happen, what could have happened, and what we want to happen. Perhaps it is time to open our eyes and see what is actually happening. In this context; whatever one thinks of Russia, it is difficult not to enjoy what Gorky Park has to offer. The image of the park has completely changed from the bad old days in the 1990s, and from the even darker ambience portrayed in Cold War spy novels. In an article in this issue, we take a walk around the park as it is today.

It is hardly fashionable to talk about successful Russian businesses, but being people who tend not to follow the crowd, like many expats in Russia, that is exactly what we have done, in this issue, and report on two Russian businesses. One of these is an extremely successful Russian fabric and scarf design and production company called ‘Radical Chic’, and the other called ‘Splat’; which makes and exports toothpaste to some 28 countries. Other highlights in this issue include a feature on Nepal, and the extraordinary story of Jane McGill and how a few Scots and English families living in Moscow led a dramatic, and very British revolution in the Russian textile industry.

Maybe there is still time for look for love in Moscow.

Kim Waddoup, Publisher, Moscow expat Life

Kim Waddoup, Publisher, Moscow expat Life

Publisher’s Announcement

Rarely does a magazine include any words from the Publisher, especially when we are so fortunate to have such an excellent editor in John Harrison. Be this as it may, since our launch 3 years ago, we have hardly followed the rules!

However we are in ‘special times’ and these are presenting extraordinary challenges to the expats that are remaining in Moscow, despite the aura of ‘business as normal!’

The departures of many great friends have, I believe, affected many of us and as our 2015 Survey indicated, many expats are looking for additional contact and a feeling of belonging.

Many individuals and organisations work hard to serve our community with a comprehensive variety of events and meetings. These range from business, social, spiritual and charity and we try to cover as many as we can in our pages.
As a leading voice of our community we also feel the need for more events. As many of you know, we host regular meetings of the Moscow Good Food Club, so if you enjoy good food, excellent wine and great company, please join us on one of our many evenings as we strive to find good food at exceptional value in this great city.

To add to our Moscow Good Food Club we will also be organising smaller, exclusive wine tastings providing you with the opportunity to try and purchase some great wines at competitive prices.

But the big news for the Autumn is the launch of our own ‘Moscow Networking at its best! Evening on October 28th. This will be the ultimate business and social networking evening of the Autumn providing a professional platform for successful business and social networking with high quality food and drinks in a comfortable venue. The price is not low but many will understand the reason as we aim to attract only professionals looking to meet and do business. It will be a multi-national audience providing the potential to increase business during these demanding times. Register on-line at www.MoscowexpatLife.ru/Networking

We wish you all success in these challenging times and assure you of the continuing support of Moscow expat Life for our entire community of expats in this great city of Moscow!

Kim Waddoup

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