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John Harrison, Editor, Moscow expat Life

THE SUMMER IS HERE! We can all take a holiday from contemplating on whether we are in ‘Crisis’, ‘Survival’, ‘Recovery’ or an alternative mode, such as ‘Take It As It Comes’. For those of us not leaving Moscow, particularly with a family, the summer means certain challenges, i.e., what to do. Richard Peers in his article: ‘Summer In the City’ presents a list of activities for children, and which do not cost the earth, all here in Moscow. In fact there are hundreds of things to do in this unassuming city and Sophia Tupolev has researched some of the free classes available from art classes to dance and yoga lessons, which you might want to try this summer. Of existential importance to all of us, children or no children, is when the hot water is going to be turned off, and we include a short article on how to find out when your particular buidling will be cut off. For those of you who are travelling, read Nikita’s take on business lounges.

In each issue of this magazine, we concentrate on a nationality or group of expats. This issue is the turn for our colleagues from the Benelux countries, who like so many members of the non Anglo-Saxon communities, are quietly going about their business and have been for many years. For those in business, we present an article on the ‘Russian SWIFT’ by Andrei Povarov, a sobering account of the present situation by Chris Weafer, and an article on how to cope with stress. The juxtaposition of these articles in one issue is accidental, but hopefully reflect – as is our editorial manifesto – some of the major issues, which we are presented with in these extraordinary times. One could ask: when has living in Moscow not been extraordinary, and is this necessarily a bad thing?

You may have noticed that increasing numbers of people are quietly heading off to one of the ‘Stans’, in Central Asia. One suspects that Central Asia, like Russia, is a secret that doesn’t need to be shared, except more so. Nigel Cox, Luc Jones, and the Don Quixote of Eurasia, that once habitual inhabitant of Silvers, tell us about this collection of 5 countries which are located geographically next to each other, and yet don’t really live up to being part of a region. An article on the EU in Central Asia may be of interest to investors.

The knowledgeable Simon Green informs us of where not to fleeced when buying a business lunch, and Don Giulio writes about his experiences opening an Italian restaurant just before the sanctions were applied. Enjoy the summer!


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