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John Harrison, Editor, Moscow expat Life

We are in the middle of a full-blown crisis. Not for the first time. There have been many periods since the founding of modern Russia in 1991, which have been described as ‘challenging’ by expats who lived through them. There were the Chechen Wars, Georgia, terrorist attacks, the 1998 financial crisis and its aftermath, to list the most memorable. But this is different and probably more serious, as it includes psychological aspects, not ‘only’ long-lasting economic devastation.

Recent reports that huge quantities of expats have been leaving Russia in the western mainstream media struck me as being odd me as there have not been more than 3,000 Italians, for example, living here since 1999, yet Russian media outlet reported that 20,000 Italians have left over the past year. Western media didn’t bother to check the accuracy of the reports, that included tourists, and there were stories of a mass exodus of expats from Russia. The overall numbers of expats has actually shrunk by 15-20% over the past year, according to the 5 relocation companies and 3 schools that I personally talked to over the past two weeks. The embassies that keep records confirmed these figures.

As Sophocles pointed out in the 5th century before Christ: ‘What people believe prevails over the truth’. What do you think about the present crisis? We sent our questionnaires to a wide cross section of expats and asked how the crisis is affecting their work and life styles. Moscow expat Life publisher Kim Waddoup has complied an article on the results, and this important statement, covers all of 10 pages! Whilst on the subject of the crisis, Sophia Tupolev has written a revealing article on how much food prices have really risen in Moscow since August of last year.

The Irish community may be small in numbers here in Moscow, but they certainly are not small in impact. They punch well above their size, with Irish in key positions in the Moscow financial worlds, in business, and now in teaching. Furthermore, Ireland, as David Pearce explains, has historical links with Russia that many of us are unaware of. In this issue the ‘Angleski’ Alexandre Rogan takes us on a car journey to Latvia, and includes various personal embellishments based on his own personal understanding of Russia. I do hope that this magazine is something that you enjoy reading.Selection_215

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The Irish Community:


  • The Crisis
    In this issue our lead story is the ‘Crisis’. If you are being affected by the political situations you will find a great deal of advice from long-term expats in leading positions.
  • Moscow
    How Much Have Food Prices Risen?
  • Culture
    Luc Jones on ‘Learning Russian’
  • Culture
    Russian ‘Vertep’ Nativity Theatres
  • Retro
    Novorrossiyisk, Southern Russia, LATE 1997
  • Motoring
    Motorsport in Russia
  • Sport
    Moscow Dragons RFC
  • Fashion
    Ree Van Dijk, The Art of Personal Packaging
  • Health
    The Atlas Medical Centre
  • Health
    For Hay Fever Sufferers


Real Estate:

  • Tim Millard
    Known unknowns – or uncertainty is a certainty




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