Emergency Phone Numbers

Fire fighters 01
Police 02
Ambulance 03
Emergency Gas Service 04
Intercity phone calls 07
Information 09
Time (automatic clock) 100
Emergency rescue service 937-9911

Medical help

International SOS (The Moscow Clinic, 24 hour service to its clients)
+7 495 937 6477

American Medical Centers
(24 hours service) +7 495 933 7700

European Medical Center
(French, British and American experts)
7 495 510 54 14

International crisis Line
Tel: 8 926 1133373

This is a free English-speaking telephone counseling service for expatriates people in distress. Available 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.
In case you ever have to call the fire fighters, the police, or an ambulance, make sure that all family members can correctly pronounce your complete address in Russian.
Post a piece of paper with your full address details and phone numbers in Russian and translation into your native language on the wall next to your phone.
Also make sure that your children know how to reach you or another adult you trust in case they get lost or have an emergency.
Note that in Russia there is difference between the police (militsiya) and the traffic police (GIBDD, formerly GAI). The police are not responsible for regulating traffic or handling car accidents, and the traffic police do not handle criminal offences that are unrelated to traffic.

Pharmacies (Apteki)

Finding a pharmacy in Moscow is definitely not a problem. In fact, quite a few number of them are open 24/7. The prices vary from one pharmacy to another, but the difference is not very significant.

What to do if you lose your passport

Your first step should be to contact the nearest consular department for your country of origin. You will also have to go to a police station in order to obtain an official form confirming the loss or theft of your travel documents. We recommend, however, that you contact your embassy or consulate first, as they may be able to help non-Russian speakers with the necessary paperwork. In the case of a child’s lost passport, both parents must appear with the child.
Once you have a new passport, take it, along with your plane ticket (if you do not have a return ticket, you will have to buy one before you are issued a new visa) and the police form to the company that issued your visa support documents. If you have a copy of your lost visa, you should also provide it. If the agency refuses to help you (although it is their legal obligation to do so), then your consulate should tell you what to do.
For ease of processing we recommend that the police report states that your documents were lost, not stolen.

Taxi Services in Moscow

In Moscow any car is a taxi, and you will quickly notice how Muscovites get around by simply sticking out a hand and jumping into the first car that stops. If your Russian is up to the negotiations, you can try this for yourself, although you have to maintain an element of caution.

Official taxis are more expensive, but still cheap by European standards unless, of course, you’re being ripped-off. The market is increasingly competitive, and a number of well-established firms now run large fleets of cars with regulated fares. Official taxis come in a variety of guises, some yellow markings and a yellow roof-light. Taximeters are not used in all cars, often the sum is defined at the order. Pre-booked transfers are the most comfortable and convenient way of getting from the airport to your final destination, and they don’t have to be expensive. More and more companies are offering discount transfer services in Moscow. So, if you don’t want the hassle of dealing with crowded public transport after a long flight, book a car and driver to meet you at the airport and take you directly to your hotel. Your hotel will be able to give you the numbers of English-speaking taxi companies.

Taxi companies with operators who understand English:

Bee Car
+7 495 979 4810

Moscow Taxi
+ 7 499 995 0654

Taxi 956
+7 495 956 8956

Gorodskoe Taxi
+7 495 500 0500

Eurasia Taxi
+7 495 647 1111

VIP Taxi Moscow
+7 495 991 6173

+7 495 780 6780

Formula Taxi
+7 495 777 5777

+7 495 918 0101

Getting to Moscow’s Airports

Moscow is served by three major airports: Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo. You can get a taxi (fares range between 1200 and 2300 roubles, and generally, the service is good. The operators speak English, but the drivers may not. A taxi back can also be booked, and this saves a lot of hassle and possible agro when dealing with the taxi drivers at arrivals. All three airports are now served by aeroexpress shuttle trains. The service is good but not 24 hours a day.
The three airports are:

Sheremetyevo Airport
+7 495 578 6565
+ 8 800 100 6565
+7 495 956 4666 for flight information

Sheremetyevo has become much more accessible thanks to the opening of the Aeroexpress from Byelorusskaya Station. The Aeroexpress costs 320 roubles and they leave every half an from 5:30 to 00:30. Long term parking costs 250 roubles a day according to the airport web site. If you are getting a taxi or driving your own car there during the day it is advisable to leave a minimum of two hours to get there from the centre.

Domodedovo Airport
+7 495 720 6666 for flight information

Getting there:

The Aeroexpress train departs from the left hand side of Paveltskaya station. Tickets which come as flimsy paper receipts with bar codes in them. Don’t lose your ticket as you need it to get out of the station at the airport. Tickets cost from 320 roubles. The journey takes 40-50 minutes, and they run reliably and regularly, every half an hour from 6am to midnight. On the way home, this is a convenient way to beat the taxi mobs, however there is only the taxi if you arrive during the night. Leaving your car in the long-stay car park costs 600-700 roubles a day depending on the season, although information on the airport’s site is not clear on this score.

Vnukova Airport
8 (495) 937-55-55

Getting there:

1. By airport bus from Yugo Zapadnaya Metro.

You need bus 611, 611с or 611ф, (611f) (express) bus. You need to listen carefully to the pre-recorded stop announcements. Your stop is Airport Vnukovo.  Busses run every 10 minutes or so, so to be sure you get there on time and the journey to the airport takes about 30 minutes.
You can also get a ‘marshrutka’, (mini-van taxi service) route 45 which will take you to the airport faster. Fare is 100 roubles plus 10 roubles for each piece of extra luggage.

2. From Metro Oktyabrskaya (the Circle Line)  (subway) 
Route 705m ‘marshrutka’ runs between Metro Oktyabrskaya (Circle Line) and the Vnukovo airport. They take 35-40 minutes, although Moscow traffic is Moscow traffic, so at peak time leave at least an hour. Fare is 130 roubles plus another RUB 10 for every extra item of baggage.

 3. By Aeroexpress Train  
From Metro Kievskaya (Metro) (exit to Kievsky Train Station).
Once out on the Train Station forecourt, go round the corner of the Station terminal building and a few yards down on your left-hand side you will see the entrance portico of the Vnukovo Aeroexpress Terminal. Tickets cost 320 roubles for standard fare, and can be bought on line, if you read Russian. The journey takes 40 minutes.