We are now well into (another) crisis. Many of us have been here before but the current situation is very different. Complex, with a multitude of factors each playing a role in the continuously developing scenario, the likes of which we have not experienced before.

Moscow is host to an estimated 170,000 expats and their families. For many it is their home and the place where a great number of expat businesses have been established with considerable investments. To some it is just a 4-year stint on an ever-revolving cycle of postings abroad. However we are all caught in the middle and whilst each has his/her own agenda for survival (or departure), we wanted to attempt to gauge the mood of our multi-cultural readers with a series of short interviews to enable a cross section to express their views and offer hope/advice/commiserations to our readers.

Our primary aim is to portray the real feelings and emotions of expats actually living and working here in Moscow in contrast to the emotionally written articles by our International colleagues that mostly portray a completely different view on our lives!

Those interviewed are a comprehensive of expats living and working in Moscow, who combined bring decades of experience dating back to the very early days of modern Moscow.

We asked 4 main questions and in this issue the cross section is mainly business orientated. We will continue in the next issue of Moscow expat Life, so if you have some comments or would like to be interviewed please contact me at Moscow expat Life [email protected]

Below you will find links to each individual person’s thoughts on the Crisis.