Dublin Airport welcomes new daily service between Dublin and Moscow

Aeroflot is to operate a new daily service between Dublin and Moscow with an Airbus A320 aircraft. The daily service will start from October 28 and Dublin  Airport has welcomed the announcement.

“We are delighted to welcome Aeroflot back to Dublin Airport with this direct connection to Moscow,” Vincent Harrison, Dublin Airport Managing Director, said. “The new service will further boost trade and tourism between Ireland and Russia.”

“About 42,000 passengers travelled between Dublin and Moscow last year on indirect flights so I have no doubt this new direct route will be very popular in both directions,” Mr Harrison said. (Read more….)

Russians as tourists: search terms from abroad

People use Yandex services both at home and abroad as tourists. They search the internet for reviews of local attractions, look for local food and cultural events, and translate foreign words. We studied data from search and Yandex’s other services to find out what countries were popular this summer with Russian tourists and how their interests change when they go about their day as a tourist. For our purposes, we defined “tourist” as someone who spends most of their time in Russia (according to data from Yandex’s mobile apps) but spent at least three days this past summer in another country. (Read more….)

One reporter’s fascination with Siberia leaves readers asking for more

Fred Weir has the uncanny ability to help you understand the ideas and values shaping this complex, diverse, and fascinating country. Earlier this summer, Fred proposed a reporting trip to the eastern Russian republic of Buryatia. The goal: provide a rare glimpse into the historical, political, religious, and environmental culture of this mountainous region of Siberia. Five stories later, we were thrilled that Monitor subscribers devoured Fred’s Siberian Crossroads dispatches at an impressive clip.

Siberian Crossroads also piqued my curiosity. What’s it like to cover Russia when you’ve lived there for more than three decades. Why is the Russo-American relationship so fraught? As part of our new monthly profiles of Monitor journalists, I posed those questions and others to Fred.  (Read more….)

Moscow Mystique: Where Indians are wooed by Russia’s ‘extra warmth’

“Stereotype-shattering”, “stunningly warm” — a trip to for the FIFA World Cup was largely a “pleasant surprise” for those touching down from the west but for thousands of tourists from a country which didn’t even have a team of its own to cheer for, it was “usual warmth”.

“I am from India,” that’s all one need say to unlatch the Russian warmth, which has now bowled over the world at large after years of scepticism based on the mystique of Soviet era.