‘Let’s Eat and Fly’: Moscow Domodedovo Airport opens 9,000sq ft dining area

Arkady Novikov Group has opened the largest dining area yet at Moscow Domodedovo International Airport. Trading under the name Edim Letim (translating to ‘Let’s Eat and Fly’ in English), the 9,000sq ft space on the second floor, landside, features a variety of cuisines. (Read more….)

Russians pile into mortgages as Moscow property market revives

Moscow’s property market is showing signs of life as Russians pile into mortgages ahead of expectations of rising interest rates. Russians have already taken out over RUB2 trillion ($30.5bn) worth of mortgages in the first nine months of this year – more than all the mortgages taken out in 2017 – as mortgage rates defied the central bank rate hikes and fell to an all time low in September.

Real estate is one of the three big drivers of economic growth, but the sector has been flat on its back for most of the last three years thanks to high, albeit falling, interest rates and stagnant growth of personal incomes. What has changed is the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) easing cycle came to an end in September, when the central bank prophylactically increased rates by 25bp to 7.5% on fears of new “crushing” sanctions that may be imposed by the US government in November. (Read more….)

Russians Among Leaders in Cross-Border-Only Shopping

The Internet is often accredited with creating this global marketplace we all enjoy today; from the comforts of our couch, we can buy shoes from China, a table from Brazil and a retro UNLV Runnin’ Rebels Starter jacket from Denmark. Whatever our commercial, little hearts desire, the Internet can provide.

It’s far more common to discuss the impact of this borderless marketplace on the consumer – more competition > greater selection > lower costs > etc. But not often enough do we consider the impact in the other direction – companies equipped to sell cross-border can reach a potential customer base exponentially larger than those that cannot. (Read more….)

Searching for love in The Madness of Moscow

AN award-winning journalist from Thatcham has written a book on his search for love and the realities of living in Russia. The Madness of Moscow tells Cary Johnston’s journey of life and love in Russia, based on his time anchoring Russia Today’s morning show. Mr Johnston, who now works for ITV News Meridian, said: “Most books about Russia seem to be boring political or academic essays.

“I just thought it was about time the world saw how things are ‘on the street’.

“Muscovites’ daily lives I suppose, not just the bad things, but also out on the town having fun. They are human just like us. “Also, I was hoping to find my perfect partner or ‘Russian bride’ I suppose, so dating in Russia was always going to be an interesting prospect.” (Read more….)

How Russians changed my life: Aurelia from France

Imagine a country where you can travel from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean without crossing a single border. A country where you can travel 9,285 km while speaking the same language. A country that traverses both Europe and Asia. Such a country exists: Russia. This is my experience there. Not love at first sightThis jumped out at me when I arrived in Moscow in September 2016. I came here for an exchange program at the Moscow Architectural Institute (Markhi) for a whole year. I had never been to Russia before, and I didn’t speak Russian at all.

I lived the whole year in a traditional Russian obshchezhitye, which is basically the kind of dormitory that you can probably find on the campus of universities everyone. But in this case you have to imagine an old room feels like it has changed little since the 1960s. I was emotionally touched by the idea that several generations of Russians and Soviets had shared this room, and now it had become mine! (Read more….)

Reviving Classic Russian Cuisine

Still in his mid-30’s, Vladimir Mukhin is already one of Russia’s best known chefs and the leading culinary light of the White Rabbit Group, which has 16 restaurants around the country. The most well-known of these, Moscow’s White Rabbit, was named one of the 50 best restaurants in the world last year. Roads & Kingdoms’ Nathan Thornburgh talked to Mukhin in Moscow about being a fifth-generation chef, reviving classic Russian cuisine, and finding good product in the age of embargoes.

Nathan Thornburgh: Tell me about White Rabbit, what is the food? What are you trying to accomplish there?

Vladimir Mukhin: The White Rabbit is a big restaurant. We’re trying to revive Russian cuisine. I’m a fifth-generation chef, so I’m passionate about the food we create. During the Soviet Union period, we killed Russian food. Classic Russian recipes became too simplified. For example, usually you drink tea, but if you want to be, just to be creative, want to make the tea with milk, you can’t. It would be like stealing milk from the government. People went to jail (Read more…)

Recalling 48 Hours In Moscow During Russia’s October 1993 Crisis

It has been 25 years since the culmination of the so-called Russian constitutional crisis, when the country’s president, Boris Yeltsin, sought to dissolve the parliament and then ordered the military to crush opposition led by the vice president at the time, Aleksandr Rutskoi, and the chairman of parliament, Ruslan Khasbulatov.

I was working in Central Asia when the crisis broke out in September 1993, and heard bits and pieces from Radio Mayak every now and again from the Uzbek village I was working in at the time.

I traveled regularly to Moscow for my job — heading a Central Asian sociology project for the University of Manchester and the Soros International Fund for Cultural Initiative — to hand over material from our Central Asian colleagues, pick up their salaries, and restock my own household supplies for the next period of village life. (Read more….)

Jamaican government approves visa waiver with Russia

Cabinet has approved an amendment to the agreement between the Government and the Russian Federation for the waiver of visa requirements for periods not exceeding 90 days per annum.

Speaking at today’s post-Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House, Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Senator Ruel Reid, pointed out that the initial agreements of 2013 and 2014 had set out varying visiting periods of 30 to 90 days. (Read more….)

Has Anyone Seen Roman Abramovich? The Last Days of Londongrad

The Russian billionaire has avoided Britain for months and is preparing his finances to skirt the threat of American sanctions.

In late August, as supporters of Chelsea Football Clubassembled at Stamford Bridge stadium to watch their team beat London rival Arsenal, a group in the upper deck unfurled a 40-foot blue-and-red banner. “The Roman Empire,” it shouted, beside an image of the team’s owner, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Just below, another banner trumpeted “15 Years, 15 Trophies.” Abramovich didn’t attend the game that day. In fact, he hasn’t been seen in London since the U.K. government failed to renew his visa in the spring, not long after it accused Russia of using a deadly nerve agent on British soil and relations between London and Moscow plunged into crisis. (Read more….)

Imperial Duty Free builds on dominant position in Moscow market with ambitious Sheremetyevo store openings

Imperial Duty Free, the joint venture between Sheremetyevo Airport and Gebr Heinemann, today inaugurated an impressive walk-through store alongside a new fashion accessories, watches & jewellery concept at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Terminal E. The partners also revealed a series of new stores in the recently opened domestic Terminal B.

“I would say it’s the best shop I have ever seen in travel retail.” – Claus Heinemann

(