The International School of Moscow

The International School of Moscow

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Raymond Finch, ISM Rosinka Head Teacher

What makes ISM a special school?

ISM is distinguished by the exceptional level of care and professionalism that’s invested in every detail of teaching, learning and school organisation. This is palpable when you enter the school at either site, Rosinka or Krylatskoe. We’re extremely proud of our school’s academic performance but arguably even more so of the curriculum enrichment that we offer in the form of our concerts, plays, instrument tuition, outdoor learning, art and craft, educational visits and sports coaching.

What are the advantages of an international school?

First is the somewhat obvious benefit of near-seamless continuity in your child’s education almost anywhere in the world. ISM’s an excellent choice for parents who are eager for their children to gain access to the world’s foremost private schools and universities, the overwhelming majority of which are English speaking.

International schools also generally offer very strong Modern Language programmes, offering children even of families who speak a single mother tongue at home to grow up bilingual. Educational research strongly suggests that this is hugely beneficial in terms of the development of listening and problem solving skills, social skills and general neural development.

International schools in Moscow can harness the rich cultural, historical and sporting heritage of one of the world’s most awe-inspiring cities to enhance the educational experience that they provide.

What do you think of Moscow/Russia/Russians?

I find it quite easy to communicate with Russian people and I feel that I have an above average understanding (for a foreigner) of their world view as well and the things that are important to them. While the fact that I was raised during the ‘Cold War’ will always mean that Moscow and Russia hold a certain excitement and fascination, I generally feel more at home here than in any part of the UK.

Paul Keach, Head of Secondary school, ISM Krylatskoe campus

What is so special about ISM?

Visitors, parents, inspectors and new students all agree that the reception that they receive upon entering our school is both unique and extremely welcoming. I am very proud of this and hope that, however big our school grows in the future, we will always remain a friendly, welcoming environment where people want to come to study, work and become members of the very special ISM Community.

What are the characteristics of teaching in Russia?

The expectations of students and parents are very high here. As Russia is relatively close to the United Kingdom, it is also very easy for parents to send their children to a boarding school in Britain. For these reasons, it is imperative that ISM is at the cutting edge of British education and provides an exceptional level of education for our students. The report from the Independent Schools’ Inspectorate, completed following their inspection of our school in 2013, stated that we were ‘excellent’ in all areas.

What are the advantages of an international school?

Students are privileged to be in classes with students from over fifty different nationalities. This promotes an environment where students develop a healthy interest in the diverse cultures and histories of many countries. At ISM, I believe that we are developing students with a passion to be ambassadors in the ‘Global Village’ that we now live in where people from all nationalities will communicate better and build a stronger, safer planet for future generations to enjoy.

What do you think of Moscow / Russia / Russians?

Moscow, Russia and Russians have broken all the pre-conceived stereotypes that I had of them before I came to Moscow three years ago. I have discovered one of the most diverse, changing, culturally gifted cities on Earth.

Salina Vigneault (parent):

“As expats, our primary concern has always been the quality of education for our children. With ISM we have been positively overwhelmed with the quality of the schooling, teaching staff, environment and security of the children”.

“Upon moving to Moscow, our family has fallen in love with ISM (Rosinka). The children love going to school, and their development has been excellent”.

Hana Skladalova (parent):

“ISM brings environment which leads children to be very creative. There is a great balance between clear demands on children but in the same moment keeping still pleasant atmosphere. Due to this we see very positive trend in improving of knowledge of our children.”

Sandra Kropp (parent):

“Our daughter Sarah joined the all new ISM year1 in Rosinka. She enjoys very much going to school as her teachers pay attention to her and encourage through positive feedback. Great to see her development especially gaining confidence in English and Russian language.”

2M pupil

“I enjoy coming to school at ISM Rosinka because our school is so fun to go to because we learn new things and we do lots of fun work. We do fun Mathematics.”

2P pupil

“I enjoy coming to school because on Friday we can have Bear Mike coming to one of our homes.”

Darjana (pupil), 3P

I like coming to school because every day I learn something new. ISM is great because we do lots of different and fun things and because I have lots of friends.

3P pupil

“I like coming to school because I really want to learn things. At school we do fun stuff and learn new things.”

7D pupil

My first thought of when it comes to the International school named ISM is quality. This is a high quality school including lots of amazing standard education. The school itself is really appealing to both your eyes and to your brain since here in ISM I have had an outstanding year, which is unfortunately passing way to quickly. I made a lot of great friends and I got to know everybody’s personality’s and in general It was a pleasure to spend my year in the Year 7D classroom thanks to our amazing teachers.

Alice Rybring (pupil) 6S

The best thing about ISM Rosinka is probably the nutritious lunches and after school activities. The after school activities, such as Folk dancing, yoga and cooking, are all amazing. The lunches keep students and teachers healthy.

Babette Oostveen (pupil), 5B

I love ISM Rosinka because teacher are always able to help you and all the lessons are so interesting. I’m sure that when I grow up, I won’t forget them. Going to the science lab to do the experiments can be both very educational and entertaining. My family and I made the right decision going to this school. We may be a new school here, but we will be famous in the future!

St. Patrick’s Day 2015


Park Sokolniki was host to the 23rd annual St Patrick’s Day Parade on March 14th earlier in the year. Proving to be an ideal location for the second year running, the crowd was decked out in green, white and orange with great splendor. Marchers, performing for the spectators of all ages, included cheerleaders, stilt walkers, the newly formed Moscow GAA Shamrocks & a mixed group of musicians.

The Moscow Mayor’s office and the Irish Club’s organization provided security to ensure smooth running for the day’s festivities. The Ambassador to Ireland – Eoin O’Leary was on hand to deliver his speech and cheer on the performers as well as other dignitaries and members of the broader Irish community.

Officially about four hundred Irish passport holders reside in Russia but, for the day that it was, it felt like there was Irishness everywhere.


Hotel Rodniki


The Hotel Rodniki is a gem. A luxury boutique hotel comprising of just 6 modern luxury cottages, the reception building and the restaurant/bar located in a massive parkland on 7 hectares. Moscow architects Atrium Bureau created the project design ensuring an amazing adaptation to suit the unspoilt rural landscape. There is so much space between the cottages and they are so designed that you hardly see another person.

The interior design by highly talented Russian interior designers, Mikhail & Dmitry Ganevich, is contemporary, spacious and welcoming. Clever use of natural stone and wood has created a wonderful blend of traditional and new. The smallest ‘rooms’ are the one-bedroom Deluxe suites with a whopping 155sq meters of space. The main room is vast, featuring large windows to the forest, an open fireplace with stone chimney, dining table and lounge area. There is a tea/coffee kitchen with coffee machine, sink and large well stocked mini bar. The beautiful wood shingle wall reveals a secret of a hidden high tech TV that emerges at the touch of a button. All window blinds are also fully automated. The apartments each have warp around balconies enabling one to lie in the sun chairs and enjoy the absolute peace of the forest.

The sumptuous bedroom is large and bright, yet cosy with panoramic windows, large walk in closet and a beautifully appointed bathroom.

So quite normal? No! Attention to even the smallest detail is what makes the Hotel Rodniki so special. All materials are of the highest standard, 600 weave Egyptian cotton sheets, soft voluminous towels, Chopard bathroom amenities have been carefully selected to provide full support to a truly luxury product.

The hotel is located approx. 80 kms from Moscow. If you don’t travel on a Friday evening the journey time is around two hours. The hotel cottages are located in a large forested plot ensuring privacy and extreme quiet. There is a very comfortable restaurant and bar that ideally suits this countryside setting with a large terrace for al fresco dining. Service is friendly and efficient and there is an English menu. The food provides a relaxed and informal dining experience with well prepared favourites made from fresh, local ingredients. The dining experience is complemented by an extensive wine list with many excellent wines at most reasonable prices.


In Summer there is an extensive grill menu and guests can even cook themselves if they prefer.

Breakfast can be taken in the restaurant or on the lovely terrace, but a short call to room service brings all that you require to the comfort of the table in your suite. A wonderful start to the day with fresh products on your balcony looking at the woodland.

The Hotel Rodniki is so perfect if you need to get out of the stress of Moscow for a weekend. There is nothing to do other than relax, eat and drink! Actually not quite true as there is a small spa, small fitness room and a charming sauna cottage that features a Japanese bath outside and Finnish sauna. You can also order your massage in this cottage.

Each of the 6 cottages comprises of a one-bedroom suite and a 2-bed duplex. The two units can be combined by renting the entire villa making a total of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and sofa beds for an additional 4 people. Ideal for large families, birthday celebrations and even corporate retreats.

Ideally located within easy each of the Golden Ring, the Hotel Rodniki is not cheap but you really receive the comfort and quality that should be associated with a true luxury hotel.

Hotel Rodniki

+7 495 212 1232

[email protected]


Genuine Puglia Mozzarella made in Moscow


If you think you are a long way from home and can’t get any decent mozzarella cheese, you are reading the right article. Italian Pierangelo Carbonara has started producing and making delicious mozzarella cheese here. He brought some round to our place to try, and we have been talking about it ever since. This is what he told us.

By John Harrison

How did you end up here?

I have been here for five years now, I met my Russian wife in Greece, and love brought me to Russia. I am from the F&B business and have worked in Moscow, actually I’m still working for an Italian restaurant near Metro Frunzenskaya.

Selection_069How do you make your cheese here?

We are three friends, Nikolai who is Russian, and me and my Italian friend Maurizio who comes from the same southern Italian town in Puglia as me. When the embargo started and they stopped importing all the natural products form Italy, we realised that this is our chance, this is our work. We decided to make some Puglia cheese here in Russia. Why import, when we can make this in Russia. Now we have a factory, Maurizio looks after the production, we choose the best milk from South Russia, transport it up to Tver Oblast where we have a factory in Torzhok and we have started to produce our own cheese. We have only started, so we are only making about one ton of cheese a week, we have a target of 10-15 tons a week.

How do you distribute the cheese?

We have an office here in Moscow and a vehicle, so we distribute everything within a week.

Who are your customers?

Everybody who understands what it means to eat good mozzarella cheese.

Pierangelo is focusing on large scale F&B clients, but you might be able to persuade him to bring some mozzarella round to you – it’s worth it – if you ring him on: +7 916 515 1329

Apt Apps for Surviving Moscow

Brian McCormack

The smartphone has become the all-purpose tool of the 21st century. It wakes, entertains, improves productivity, navigates and finally sings you to sleep. It can also greatly simplify your life in Moscow. Here’s how:

Getting Around Moscow

By Car or Walking – The Yandex Navigator App is also a must install. Its maps are detailed; and its search function will find that nearest ATM, bar, restaurant or even banya. My only complaint is its assumption that I will be driving to the next destination, so its use as a navigator is limited. Google’s Maps App is useful for comparison purposes, so I have both though mainly use Yandex.

Yandex Navigator App – And, IOS, E, R, @

Google Maps – And, IOS, E, R, @

By Metro – The Yandex Metro App is a life saver. It contains a detailed layout of the Moscow Metro, search by station, and estimates your journey and arrival time. It automatically updates as new stations are completed.

Yandex Metro – IOS, And, R, E

By Autobus, Minibus ( Маршрутные такси) – The Yandex Transport App covers trams, buses and private minivans. These transportation alternates complement and provide a nice change to the metro and driving. Yandex is working on an enhancement which should provide real time updates on that late tram, though that feature wasn’t working when this article was written.

Yandex Transport App – And, IOS, R, @


By Taxi – Like many places in the world, Moscow is undergoing a ‘taxi revolution’, where a number of companies and their apps are engaged in hand to hand combat for your business. A continual debate among expats is whether to use Uber, Yandex taxi, or another service. Unfortunately, most of these services are only available in Moscow or St. Petersburg. I’m an ‘Uber Man’ at this moment, but that could change tomorrow.

Uber App – And, IOS, @, R, E

Yandex Taxi App – And, IOS, @, R, E


Coping with the Local Lingo

My Russian language skills seem to vary from day to day, so I always need a backup. On the translation side, I rely on Google’s Translate App and Sloved’s Deluxe English to Russian talking dictionary. Google’s app allows for the copying and pasting of any text or typing of word or phrase. The Google Translate App’s drawback is that it requires Internet connectivity, which is where Sloved’s dictionary shines. It has a huge dictionary which is available offline. It also has the capability to tag words for later review. Both Apps provide spoken translation to assist in those difficult Russian pronunciations.

English – Russian Slovoed Deluxe talking dictionary – IOS, And, R, E, $

Google translate App – IOS, And, R, E, @

Learning the Local Lingo

The various app stores are filled with apps for Russian language instruction, and everyone has their own favourites and learning methods. I have the found the following Russian language teaching Apps to be helpful. Everyone hates conjugating verbs, but it is a necessity, and LearnBots is a simple and straightforward method for learning them. Russian grammar requires lots of work, and the simple Russia Test App has three levels of grammar tests. In addition it has its own flashcards and a number of vocabulary lists complied by other users. It also nags when you haven’t taken a test in a few days. Lastly, I enjoy Pivot: Quotes of the Greatest, which is a quirky app for Russian speakers learning English. It features famous English language quotes with an appropriate Russian translation. My Russian friends love to quote Russian proverbs to me, and I like to surprise them by quoting a famous English proverb back to them in Russian. The next time a Russian friend says, “Доверяй, но проверяй.” You can answer, “Да, Дурак легко расстается с деньгами.”

LearnBots App- IOS, And, R, E, $

Russia Test App – IOS, And, R, E

Pivot: Quotes of the Greatest – IOS

Out and About in Moscow

Everyone has their personal favourite apps to assist them in various aspects of Moscow social life and I am no different. My oldest son loves going to the movies, and I have a hard time escaping from watching the latest kid’s movies; especially when their ads are everywhere. Therefore, Yandex’s Кинофиша movie finder is a lifesaver. I have had so many bad restaurant experiences in Moscow that I use Tripadvisors’ Offline City Guides for Moscow whenever I am in an unknown part of town. Sure it is mostly for tourists, but western tourists are generally accurate when it comes to service and food. Lastly, as a runner I have become more conscious about Moscow’s air quality and always review the Moscow’s air pollution rating before a run on AICN’s Asia Air Quality App.

Yandex’s Кинофиша – And, R, @

Tripadvisors Offline City Guides
for Moscow – And, IOS, E

AICN’s Asia Air Quality App – And, E, @

Central Asia – Introduction


This issue we start a series of special regional reports with Central Asia. This region is made up of 5 sovereign states, the five ‘Stans,’ which gained independence during the dying days of the Soviet Union in 1991. With all the turmoil that Russia has been consistently experiencing, the area was quietly forgotten about for most of the 1990s but is now heading back into the spotlight for several reasons: It has becomes of strategic importance to the US which wishes to increase American influence in the region. China is already capitalising on its investments there and the EU wishes to diversify its carbon based energy supplies. With recent ISIS insurgencies, which we are told are a real threat, the region could soon burst into the news as a possible new area for the radicalisation of Muslim populations. It could also become a new proxy zone of conflict between great powers which are backing the 5 states. (editor)

Meanwhile, an increasing number of expats are working in Central Asia. Some have become expats twice over, having worked in Russia previously.

Ross Hunter, introduces this section with facts and figures. John Harrison delves into some of the underlying political, economic and military narratives of today’s Central Asia, and suggests that EU should change its policy in the region.

The inimitable Luc Jones gives us some tips about working in Kazakhstan, as does Nigel Cox. Ross Hunter also supplies us with a review of a very good book: ‘In Search of Kazakhstan – The Land That Disappeared’ by Christopher Robbins, which is essential reading for anybody going to work or travel in Central Asia.


The State of the Business Lunch in Moscow


As we are enduring an economic crisis for the time being, more and more people are looking for ways to cut down on their personal expenditure, including eating out. Quite apart from wining and dining in the evening, which for most people is considered something of a treat, the majority of us encounter this conundrum at lunchtime. This comes in the guise of what to do, where to go, how long to take and how much to spend?

The more peripatetic among us would have come across various terms in Europe to entice us through the door. The British call it: ‘dish of the day;’ the French: ‘plat du jour;’ the Germans: ‘mittagstisch;’ the Italians: ‘piatti del giorno;’ and the piece de resistance goes to the Spanish with: ‘especialidades para el almuerzo!’ The Russians adopt the ‘k.i.s.s.’ notion (keep it simple, stupid) and call it ‘business lunch.’ With that in mind, I set off on my quest to discover what’s hot and what’s not, in terms of value for money in and around the business areas of downtown Moscow.

For the purpose of this exercise I decided that no alcohol will be included with lunch, even though a couple of places I visited offered beer or wine with their set menus. It is fair to say in today’s market very few people drink at lunchtime as this is frowned upon by bosses and work colleagues alike. This is a far cry from the halcyon days of 30 years plus ago when it was ‘de rigeur’ to visit the pub on a Friday lunchtime in the UK with a favoured client, have a pie and a pint (usually two or three if the truth be known!) and leave for home at 2.30 with a lucrative contract under your belt.

The first option, which is a great favourite due to its speed and simplicity, is to get a take-away or eat-in sandwich or baguette. The two most prominent outlets offering these are Prime and Subway. The former now has 44 outlets operating in the Moscow area and judging by my own experiences most people tend to use it as a take-away, thus saving on the rather expensive drinks on offer; the exception being the Kamergersky branch which was originally their flagship and still boasts a full café at lunchtimes. The wraps go for 149 roubles with such offerings as chicken satay, but it has to be said the preponderance of their contents are salad orientated. Baguettes go for 159 roubles and you can sometimes get lucky, but my experience is that the bread is quite hard on one’s teeth and the contents can be of dodgy ancestry, i.e., grapes with seeds in them and hard avocado- neither of them an attractive variant. Salads and sushi abound, but while Prime has enjoyed considerable success, I don’t think they always represent value for money.

Subway, on the other hand, is very good value, especially if, like me, you’re eating on the hoof: 15cm baguettes are 180 roubles which include the main filling plus an array of salad fillers and a couple of sauces to boot; those with a healthy appetite can plum for the 30cm offerings. However, the best deal is their daily ‘special’ which sees a 15cm baguette go for a mere 129 roubles which I take advantage of on Tuesdays as it’s Tuna Day.


I visited various eateries to discover what was on offer, starting with the tried and trusted Silvers. They offer a set meal for 330 roubles which includes a help yourself salad bar and two choices of soup, and I chose the broccoli and cheese soup which was utterly sublime. There are half a dozen main courses to choose from which rotate regularly so there’s something for everyone. Throw in a soda and you’ll pay 425 roubles and the food is of a consistently high standard.

Hudson offer a menu at 390 roubles which includes soup, salad and a main course plus a drink of your choice including beer as well as soda, juice and tea/coffee. They have one main dish a day, fish on Thursdays and pasta or meat on the remaining days, and the menu changes each week.

Torro Grill, also in White Square, offer a choice of main dishes plus drink for 360 roubles; salad or soup plus mains for 490 roubles and all three for 690 roubles. The drinks on offer are the same as Hudson, but substitute beer for a glass of wine. I had the Bolognese fusilli, which was delicious but a little too much for my sparrow’s appetite, so I ended up with a doggy bag, which did nicely for my supper! It has to be said that it’s always busy in there both at lunchtime and in the evenings so they must be doing something right.

Sodexo manage many canteens in business centres all over Moscow. It’s a buffet service but you need to watch what you order as you pay extra for vegetables, so by the time you have three courses on your tray, don’t expect any change from a 500 note, and their prices have been escalating of late. I ordered a beef stew type dish that frankly had a lot of fat in it and was as tough as old boots, so I gave it up as a bad job after a few mouthfuls as it reminded me of prolonged involuntary hospital stays.

I had an erroneous experience at Shokoladnitsa where they took so long bringing two colas and a coffee, then admitted they had lost the order and got the second attempt wrong as well, so I didn’t bother with their average priced food. This is what happens when you pay staff peanuts, you tend to get monkeys, so if you want to avoid Soviet style service I suggest giving them a wide berth.

The most outstanding value for money came from Petrovich in Myasnitskaya which has had only one price rise in 5 years, from 180 to 200 roubles and includes a help yourself as often as you like, a soup and salad stand and a choice of main courses, usually fish, meat or chicken, and unlimited ‘mors’ to drink. Small wonder it’s crowded day in, day out.

There is another option which many are taking advantage of: bringing your own food in as most offices have microwaves. Many culinary delights have passed through our office, but avoid bringing in fish as while the taste may be good, the aroma affects all and sundry; indeed many offices have banned the heating of fish for that very reason. In synopsis, there are many deals out there, catering to all tastes – you just have to find them.


The Business Lounge, a thermometer of the disparity between men and women


By Nikita

I remember a time when I was on maternity leave and my children were very young, I would experience the nightly fear of the approaching dusk and everything that brought: tired, grumpy kids, the grinding routine of feeding, washing and changing, and the circus of putting them to bed. One night my routine was split asunder when the phone rang. It was my husband calling to tell me that he had landed (from a plane no doubt), that he was waiting for his connection and that he was about to take a shower. I remember thinking that neither of us were in a good place. How wrong I was! I found this out when we were travelling together and we visited one of these mysterious places where he used to take a shower: the ‘Business Lounge’. Automatic doors, tinted windows that open onto an oasis of peace – a stress-free escape from the hustle and bustle of the main airport terminal. Its quiet atmosphere softened further by smiling hostesses warmly greeting you with complimentary newspapers and glossy magazines, an extensive premium open bar with champagne flutes, a rich selection of wines, delicious aperitifs, hot and cold buffet meals, desserts, coffee tables, sofas, internet workstations, telephones, free wi-fi, television, nap rooms and showers with towels, luxury toiletries and hairdryers. Here, precisely on that day, I swore to myself that to indulge in a business lounge would be my primary goal. 12 years later, I finally reach the status of ‘frequent flyer,’ which gives me access to what is the travel industry’s best-kept secret – the airport lounges. The service is remarkable and understandably so because the most profitable segment of the market for the airline industry is that small slice of plane seats at the front – the business class – whose travellers are rewarded with admission to the ‘all-inclusive lounge’. Finding myself more regularly in the business lounges of Western Europe, something suddenly strikes me – I notice that these are attended almost exclusively by men. How come? The world is full of working women.

The world is full of women travelling. Yes, this is true, but it seems that it is not full of women travelling for work in business. And that suggests only one thing, that there are still very few women in the world who hold top business positions in companies and the sophisticated lounge confirms the statistics. Indeed, the Grant Thornton International Business report 2014, certifies that in Western Europe only 14% of women hold top positions.


The situation improves a bit in the United States with 22%. Russia with 43% is in first place for the number of women in senior management positions. The report suggests that this percentage reflects the emphasis on ‘equal opportunities for all’ in the Soviet period, where both women and men worked. Why then are Russia’s lounges devoid of women? One answer may lie in the fact that Russian women occupy high positions in service industries such as education, health and accounting; sectors that do not typically lead to travel. All that said, today more and more women are making their way into leadership roles. This trend goes hand in hand with the rapid growth (especially in Asia and South America) of a number of executive women travelling for business. The airlines are still discovering the specific needs of these new customers.

Women typically respond by simply asserting that they don’t have different needs from men and would like the same treatment but when asked specifically which services they would like in the lounge they respond ‘a space where to breastfeed, a fitness center, healthy food and decent wine.’ It is difficult to resist the allure of the lounge, typified by one Chinese customer who purchased a fully refundable first class plane ticket and then re-booked it 300 times to receive free meals at the business lounge and this is not an isolated case.

The moral is: a rallying call to women – gain access to the lounge, not as a temporary privilege, but as a permanent status. Once crossing the threshold of the darkened door, make time for yourself without feeling guilty.

The 4th annual Aussie Down Under Charity Ball


The 4th annual Aussie Down Under Charity Ball 2015, held on April 18th at Moscow’s Radisson Royal Hotel Ukraina, was a phenomenal success!

The hotel’s opulent interiors immediately set the mood for an unprecedented evening; while kangaroo projections leaping across the walls added the finishing Aussie touches.

The guest of honour this year was Australian boxing legend Kostya Tzu and his lovely wife Tanya.

Gabe, the Aussie cowboy was in fine form as always, showing his MC-ing and auctioneering prowess as well as performing classic Australian rock with renowned Aussie musician David Peachey.

The menu touted succulent Australian lamb, proudly supplied by MLA.

Amongst the multitude of prizes offered; the charity raffle also displayed the traditional Lotus BBQ grill by Kostya Tzu, the ‘Aussie Survival Pack’, comprising a Techni-Ice cooler box, full of Aussie goodies and genuine Aussie Blundstone boots. While the auction offered Aboriginal paintings and a boomerang.

Breaking last year’s record once again, the evening raised 3.7 million roubles for ‘BBBS Russia’ – Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program helps Russia’s forgotten children to assimilate social skills and responsibilities, preparing them for adulthood.

Emerald Ball 2015



The biggest & brightest event in the Irish cultural calendar was held on Saturday March 14th at the Renaissance Monarch on Leningradsky Prospect. Attended by over 300 lively guests, a grand total of 663,000 roubles was raised for MPCSS (MPC Social Services). As a first time recipient of the Irish Club’s support, this money will be used to feed over 200 elderly & vulnerable Moscow residents and over 150 destitute & single parent families. This is an extremely worthwhile cause & made possible only through the generosity of all guests and sponsors on the night.