Moscow expat Life reaches the entire expat community in Moscow, whilst written in English it is by no means a British/American magazine and we are targeting all the expat communities in Moscow. Some facts:-

  • More than 100,000 expats/diplomats living and working in Moscow
  • Majority on above average salaries
  • Many hold influential positions in top Russian companies
  • Strong entrepreneurial spirit – many have their own companies

Serving the expat Community in Moscow since 2012, there is only one on-line magazine that can help deliver your advertising message to this target audience, Moscow expat Life. Our facts:-

  • Moscow’s only expat magazine since 2012
  • High online coverage to our targeted audience
  • Strong, respected Social Media presence
  • Organiser of Business and social events in Moscow
  • Also appreciated by Russian professionals

For the first 5 years Moscow expat Life was a full colour printed magazine however with continuing trend to on-line/digital we are now online only with a vibrant community website and lively Facebook page.

Advertise now in Moscow expat Life and enjoy the results of a highly targeted campaign to this specific target audience.

On-Line Moscow expat Life

Prices 2018 :-

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All banners are hyper-linked directly to Advertisers home page. All prices in Russian Rubles per calendar month, based on pre-payment only.

Discount for 3 month contract 5%

Discount for 6 month contract 10%

Discount for annual contract 15%

Advertising Banner Dimensions

Banner MC 1 – Upper banner in main content area 778×120

Banner MC 2 – Mid banner in main content area 778×180

Banner MC 3 – Lower banner in main content area 778×180

Banner SB1 – Side bar top banner 326×400

Banner SB2 – Side bar second banner 326×200

Banner SB3 – Standard Side bar banner full width 326×150

Banner SB4 – Standard Side bar banner half width 160×200

Advertorial Articles

(Advertorial Banner dimensions 790×400 with 2 pixel border)

Advertorial articles are promotional articles or interviews specifically designed for your product/services. The advertorial is tailor-made to suite your specific requirements and the target audience. The cost for each advertorial is R.40,000 and includes:-

  • Featured article in relevant category for 30 days(one of max 3)
  • Up to 500 words text
  • Specially designed banner header with authors name
  • Photo of the Author/Contributor
  • Full contact details
  • Your company logo included in the text
  • 25 Facebook Postings (2 sponsored)

For an example of our Advertorial Article please click here

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