Blockchain Hackathon Set For Moscow In November

DECENT’s fifth instance of the Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon global series will be held for the first time in Moscow, Russia. The theme selected for DECENT’s hackathon involves using the benefits of blockchain to make a positive impact on society. The prize for the winning team has been set at 20,000 DCT, plus a mentorship opportunity from DECENT.

Hackathons are coding marathons which involve top-tier developer talent attempting to create a working prototype from a unique idea or project in a very short time period. Blockchain hackathons showcase innovative new uses for the technology with the aim to produce a project which has grounds to become a full-blown success in the industry.

DECENT’s three-day Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon will take place in the “Tablitsa” co-working space at Novoslobodskaya street 16, Moscow, Russia, from November 16 to 18.(Read more….)