Passenger Traffic Through Moscow Airports Up 6.3% In July, 12.4% At Sheremetyevo

The combined passenger traffic through Moscow’s airports rose 6.3% on the year to 10,385,000 people in July, the Federal Air Transport Agency said in a statement on Tuesday. Vnukovo provided services to 2,432,000 million people, a 16.1% rise; Domodedovo served 3,277,000, a 6.7% decline; and Sheremetyevo accommodated 4,676,000, a 12.4% increase.

In the period from January to July 2018, the combined traffic grew 8.7% on the year to 53,749,000 people. Domestic passenger traffic increased 8.7% to 28,334,000, and international traffic grew 8.7% to 25,415,000. During the same period, Vnukovo provided services to 11,851,000 people, a 19% rise; Domodedovo to 16,929,000, a 2.6% drop; and Sheremetyevo to 24,968,000, a 12.9% rise. (Read more…)