I never was a football fan since my childhood. I just couldn’t understand what is the point for a dozen men to be running after one ball and trying to get it into the net of each other’s team.

So when the World Cup just started, I was a little bit sceptic about it. But the moment when all of my friends on Facebook started writing about the magic things that started happening on Nikolskaya street I realized that there is something special about the World Cup even if I don’t understand the reason of the football itself.

The two days – when Russia was playing with Croatia and the last day of the World Cup I was at Nikolskaya street from 18.00 till 23.00 – and it was absolute magic! People from all over the world were absolutely happy in Moscow and the spirit of international friendship was in the air. Love is in the air.

I was doing online broadcasting through Facebook during both of these evenings on Nikolskaya – you can check it out at my page www.facebook.com/iii.tsar – this is something absolutely marvellous! Thousands of beautiful girls from all over Russia and all over the world came to Moscow to celebrate this holiday of international friendship and love!