Medical Education in Russia

Higher medical education in Russia can only be obtained through full-time education in a university . Terms depend on specialization. For example, you can become a bachelor in the direction of “Nursing” for 4 years. And to get a diploma of a surgeon, you will have to unlearn a total of 8-9 years.

In the US, for example, in order to become a doctor, you need to spend 12 to 18 years studying. In the UK, medical students are trained for 10 years, in Germany – 8-10 years. To get a doctor’s degree in Canada, you need to complete 4 years in the medical school, another in the university, and then, depending on your specialization, 3 to 5 years in the internship.

Medical schools in Russia can be enrolled immediately after school. Universities offer programs in Russian and English. If you do not know Russian, you can learn it at the preparatory department or courses that operate under the leading medical universities in Russia. At these offices, in addition to the language, foreign applicants study other disciplines, which helps them better prepare for their upcoming studies. (Read more…)