1.Atmosphere Co-working on Leninsky Pr. Has been described as being more than just a place for work and as a place for discussions, good acquaintances, creative interactions and for sharing experiences and ideas. Can you explain more on your ideology and philosophy?

At first, Atmosphere coworking – is innovative space that unites people, inspires and helps to realize ideas that positively influence on the world.

Our major customers are freelancers. Working from home or cafe not always is a good idea for your business. Therefore we wanted to create such place which would be the second home for our residents, where they could work, communicate among themselves and introduce something new in life and business of each other. Our philosophy – is community.

2.Please explain about the impressive facilities that you are offering

We offer a workplaces in open space, separate rooms for teams, rent of the PC and laptops, free tasty breakfasts, lunches, free parking for residents and comfortable lounge zones with Sony Playstation and table football. We have pleasant system of discounts from our partners. For example our residents can buy subscription to fitness club “World Class” with up to 30% discount or ticket to the cinema in “RIO”with 10% discount.

Now, we have a special limited offer for an open space — up to 20% discount until the 25th of august. If you are looking for an office for a team, we can offer office-box for 6 people with 30% discount.

3. We hear a lot about Co-Working and there are now many facilities in Moscow. What makes Atmosphere different from the others?

I think that our location in full-fledged infrastructure favourably distinguishes us. We have cool bonuses for residents such as free parking, free breakfasts, system of discounts from our partners. Also, our coworking — is community of people who communicate among themselves and can ask for help other residents or employees of coworking and they will always can find help there. We are one big family. Moreover, most of our resident live in the neighbourhood, so they can save time to get to work.

4. Your location on Leninsky is, maybe not the first place that we would think of for a co-working space. However you must have made extensive research to position yourselves there. What are your grounds and reasons for this location?

Our location is unique. It’s not in the center of Moscow like other coworkings. We are located in the shopping center “RIO” on the south-west of capital. So, our residents don’t spend a lot of time to reach us because almost all of them live near with coworking. Therefore, they don’t spend much time in traffic in the morning and don’t spend money for the parking because we have free assigned places for residents and guests of coworking.

All infrastructure of shopping center is available to residents and It helps to save their time and makes their life more comfortable.

5. Each business has it’s USP’s (unique sales points) what are yours?

We provide high-quality service and a big set of facilities for reasonable price. Our constant residents have a free breakfasts, free parking, access to the system of loyalty and 24/7 access for all areas of coworking. Also we have lounge zones with Sony Playstation and conference hall where we and our residents watches FIFA World cup.

6. How do your prices compare? We also hear that you are offering our readers substantial discounts, please explain.

Though we provide the bigger list of services, which are included in the price, our prices are average on the market. The fixed place — 18 000 rubles, which includes all advantages of the resident status.