Moscow Good Food Club at the World Trade Centre

The World Trade Centre and the Crowne Plaza hotel are not necessarily two names that are associated with fine dining. However a vast number of high profile events take place in the World Trade Centre and many are accompanied with sumptuous banquets served in their extensive facilities.

Insiders in the Moscow Good Food Cub know that an invitation to the World Trade Centre means a superb dinner personally prepared by one of Moscow’s most creative and talented Chefs, Michael Kuznetsov. Michael presides over an army of chefs and kitchen staff that keep all the food outlets in the WTC running but his passion is for creative variations of classical ingredients prepared to the highest level and presented as works of art!

Following to the invitation from Director Dmitry Motorin, Moscow Good Food Club members made their way on a snowy Moscow night to the sumptuous Dorchester Room in the Crowne Plaza Cub building with great anticipation of the pleasures to come. The Dorchester Room is one of the most luxurious in the WTC complex featuring luxury furniture and very exclusive light fittings. We were informed that these fittings had cost a small fortune so we steered clear especially as the alcohol started to flow!

Members were welcomed with a delightfully light but full of flavour Gazela Vinho Verde Rose from Portugal. An unusual but excellent choice to start the 30th Moscow Good Food Club. Creative Canapés served included Mini cones with slightly salted salmon cucumber & cream cheese; Gorgonzola cheese grapes & prunes with coconut flakes; roast beef tomatoes wholegrain mustard & onion jam and Tiger prawn ceviche with avocado mousse & Thai mango.

Promptly at 20:00 we were asked to take our tables and the feast could begin! Michael introduced each dish before it was presented and the appreciative gasps from the members as the dishes were served shows testament to Michael’s skills. The first course was Dorado Carpaccio with grilled pumpkins, tangerine, Wasabi sauce & red caviar admirably paired with a light, crisp Gruener Vetliner from Austria.

The salad consisted of a Warm Camembert salad with strawberries, mango tartar & raspberry sauce beautifully presented and paired with a lively Priara Pinot Grigio. Some found the salad too sweet, but to most, the subtle mixture of flavours were to be savoured.

Next to come was the Cream of white asparagus with Parma ham, Parmesan & sweet Balsamic dressing. The ingenious presentation of this dish drew cameras out of pockets! A superb, warming and tasty soup perfect for an early Christmas evening.

As short pause was allowed before the first of the main courses was served. This was a perfectly prepared Duck breast with poached pear, blackcurrant sauce & orange couscous. An amazing mixture of dominant flavours that melted on the palate admirably assisted by the full bodied Gran Feudo Crianza Bodegas full of tannin’s and reflecting the full flavour of the Tempranillo grapes, an excellent pairing.

Sated but not full, members eagerly awaited Michael’s next creation which was Grilled veal chops with corn polenta, caramelised roots & tomato marmalade. Again an amazing variation of classical ingredients prepared and served to perfection and well paired with the Canti Barbera d’Asti Superiore demonstrating vibrant acidity, lighter tannins and a bright cherry note that fully complemented the delicately prepared veal.

Dessert was the only slight disappointment of an otherwise magnificent meal. Whilst creative and artistically presented, the Mango-cucumber mouse failed to arouse the taste buds in many members. Michael had worked hard to create a memorable dessert but somehow this did not work! However the Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage Port did hit the spot to end this spectacular dining experience.

Each table had appointed a spokesperson to deliver the Critique on the meal and Michael Kuzetsov and his team were called from the kitchen to listen to our comments. All spokespeople were unanimous in their praise of an excellent and highly innovative meal that were prepared to perfection and perfectly served by the highly attentive team of waiters. Whilst some minor tips were noted of the meal the only real critique was levelled to the dessert that, despite its ingenuity, just did not suit the meal.

The Moscow Good Food Club scores for the Dorchester Restaurant in the World Trade Centre are:-

Food Quality 9.8

Quality/suitability of the drinks 9.25

The Service Standards 10

The General Rating of the Meal 9.9

Very high ratings for the World Trade Centre. Michael Kuznetsov is truly a giant on the Moscow culinary scene and long may his reign over the kitchens continue. Grateful thanks for the excellent service team who achieved the highest score of a Moscow Good Food Cub! Our thanks also to Dmitry Motorin to allowing us to use the beautiful ambience of the Dorchester room for our 30th Moscow Good Food Club. If you are organising an event in the future and if food is one of the high points please contact Dmitry and request that Micheal prepare your gala menu and prepare to the amazing standards that we enjoyed!