Saco Beauty Salon Moscow

Men can also enjoy being pampered by the delights of a Facial and other Beauty Treatments

When thinking of Beauty Salons one immediately thinks of the fairer sex disappearing for hours to undergo a myriad of incomprehensible treatments that are totally foreign to most men. When I met the management of Saco they informed me that men now make up a lot of their loyal customers but that expats did not seem to appreciate that treatments were available to them with all the beneficial effects, especially in today’s hectic and stressful lifestyle.

Saco Salons are a highly successful international created in the UK by Aldo Furfaro and Richard Ashforth with a growing chain of branches worldwide including four salons in Moscow.

I was invited to try an early afternoon of male beauty treatments and experience first hand the high level of service on which Saco Beauty Salons pride themselves! All the salons are modern in style and do not support the generally rather intimidating atmosphere of a ‘Women’s Only’ secret area! In fact cheerful bright and welcoming were the words that I would use for my initial impressions.

My first procedure was to be a facial and the nearest that I have ever been was a wash with cold water. I was asked to remove my shoes and shirt and recline of the special treatment couch where I was wrapped in blankets. My Therapist quickly announced that my skin was exceedingly dry, caused by the City atmosphere and frequent flying. The first phase was cleansing followed by exfoliating, massaging of the face and neck and the application of a mask. Exactly what happened is hard to remember, it was blissful having the skilled and delicate hands of my esthetician, who from her position behind me, gently treated and massaged my tired face. At the Saco Salon they mainly use several ranges of products selected for their quality and effectiveness.

Our lives have become extremely stressful and the opportunity to lie on a bed and have a highly skilled lady caress and manipulate one’s face is a new experience that I was most glad to experience and one that I highly recommend.

After my facial is was time for more indulgence! I was introduced to my hairdresser who took great interest in which style I wanted and then it was over to the wash salon for a shampoo and deep hair massage. On returning to the hairdressers seat the manicurist drew up alongside on a most intriguing mobile manicure table. The pleasure of an excellent hair cut with a manicure taking place at the same time is such an extravagant experience. I could really get to like this.

The hair cut was perfect, my eyebrows clipped (not plucked!) and I even allowed my hairdresser to trim my distinctive moustache! The overall effect was stunning I looked and certainly felt years younger. Naturally for high quality, professional services, the prices are not cheap but do represent excellent value for money considering the quality of the treatments received. They do have special prices for us foreigners and the costs will be explained in advance

The Head of International Department from Saco Salons explained to me that they have a growing number of male customers who come not only for the effects of the treatments but also for the chance for a few hours complete relaxation in the comfortable ambience of the salon. Mostly Russians, I was informed! So expats and others living in Moscow, our Russian brothers are doing this, why are we not enjoying these experiences and reaping the benefits?

This article was primarily to convey my experience as a male in a beauty salon but naturally the majority of the customers on the Saco Salons are of the fairer sex with a growing number of patrons who appreciate the creativity of the Saco Brand, their professional service and their friendliness. I will certainly return!

Saco Salons are located at Petrovsky Boulevard, Park Kultury, Patriacharsky Prudy and Tretyakov. Full details can be seen at and their English speaking hotline is +7 903 540 44 17.