Resto-Bar Lesnaya

Moscow Good Food Club goes Dutch at Giom’s Resto-Bar

The Moscow Good Food Club is not always about haute cuisine and we were delighted to receive an invitation to hold a meeting in the recently opened Giom’s Resto-bar on Lesnaya. There are few restaurants in Moscow that are truly family owned and run, so the friendly offer from Lauri and Guillaume to enjoy a special evening of Dutch Specialities was sure to be a special treat for our members.

Giom’s is a lovely small restaurant located on Lesnaya 55 and very conveniently located to White Square and Belorussia. It has a warm and homely feel and our members received a cheerful welcome as they gathered on a chilly November evening. The aperitif was a lovely Lar de Plata Cava that had the spectrum of Mediterranean flavours that are associated with Cava. This was accompanied special ‘Dutch Treat’ canapés of Bitterballen (one of Holland’s most favourite snacks) highly creative and decorative Cheese ‘tulips’ and Dutch herring on black bread, creating the theme for the evening.

Precisely at 20:00, as is customary we took our seats at the tables and the Dutch Feast commenced. Lauri explained that the Flying Dutchman plate consisted of tasty morsels all of which had been imported especially for the Moscow Good Food Club. The platter presented delicious Dutch smoked eel, delicate Dutch shrimps, perfectly smoked mackerel and salmon. The wine chosen for this course was a Minini Pinot Grigio with flavours of lime, lemon and pear. The wine however needed to be a bit cooler to really appreciate its delicate flavour.

Our next course was a ‘Creamy white Asparagus Soup with a Twist!’. An excellent creamy and full flavoured soup that had some hidden flavours but somehow needed a bit more ‘Twist’! The soup was most suitably paired with a Les Anges Sauvignon, Gran vin du Val de Loire, a truly elegant Sauvignon that was aromatic and zesty. This wine was served at the perfect temperature for a Loire Sauvignon.

Next up was ‘Steamed Pepper Bells’ filled with Halibut and dressed with an Orange & Mint Sauce’. The peppers were perfectly cooked, the Halibut creamy and the orange & mint sauce had all members guessing it’s unique flavour. An excellent dish that was perfectly complemented by the Bouchard Aine et Fils, Grand Conseiller Chardonnay that conveyed it’s oak flavour mixed with fruit, melon, grass and even vanilla. Another excellent pairing.

Members were discretely opening their belts to make room for more as the best was still to come! The main course was Winter Rabbit Stew with apple red cabbage on a bed of truffle-mashed potatoes. There were gasps of delight as this dish was presented . A succulent and tasty rabbit stew complemented with red cabbage with apples and soft mashed potatoes. A true winter’s dish traditionally eaten at Christmas time in Holland. To accompany this a full bodied Campo Viego Rioja from Tempranillo grapes. Robust and bursting with flavour this red was a perfect accompaniment.

At this point it should be mentioned that Giom’s had laid on some musical entertainment in the form of a duo playing the piano and balalaika. The music was a great hit with all dinners and created a wonderful, intimate atmosphere bringing on thought of the encroaching winter nights!

Dessert was a massive slice of Grandmother’s Apple Pie, traditionally cooked and served with delicious ice cream. This perfect end to a superb meal was served with a Gebruder Ludwig Riesling which could have been sweeter to complement the richness of the apple pie.

Admirably sated the spokespeople on each table were busy formulating the opinions from their co-diners to provide the Critique and Restaurant Rating.

Lauri, Guillaume and their Chef joined us to hear the views from our members. All tables we unanimous in their praise of the delicious Dutch meal that they had all worked so hard to prepare and offered a few tips to our host and hostess as to how they could improve some of the flavours and pairings. The tables described the excellent food that they had consumed with pleasure, suggested that some of the wines could have been a little colder and praised the service staff who had worked highly efficiently and always with a smile.

The ratings from our Moscow Good Food Club members for Giom’s Resto-bar are:-

Food Quality 8.5

Quality/suitability of the drinks 8.5

The Service Standards 8.8

The General Rating of the Meal 8.5

Congratulations to Lauri, Guillaume and staff of Giom’s for a most wonderful and congenial evening. All our members wish you great success and will be returning to enjoy to personal atmosphere.