Stereo Winter in Gorky Park

Stereo winter in Gorky Park

Light installations and optical illusions, figure skating and hockey, parties and a food market: the grand opening of the Stereo Ice Rink will be the main event of the 7th winter season in Gorky Park.

Marina Lulchuk, Gorky Park Director:

– This winter we have decided to rethink the concept of “stereo”. In Gorky Park stereo is light, color, sound, space, perspective and harmony. Our Ice Rink is more than just a rink. It is a stereo-magnet, the place of power that you want to go back to.


In Greek ‘stereos’ means solid, volumetric, dimensional. This winter, Gorky Park turns into a portal to the reality of stereo – the world of light, music and events. The Arch of the Main Entrance will be decorated with neon images of a figure skating pair doing a lift. The images light up in turn, so they produce an effect of animation.

In creating the Ice Rink, our designers have used wavy patterns that remind us of a sound sequence, and symbolize a movement that is free from routes and borders. You will be able to see optical illusions without any 3D glasses, skate along ice alleys-equalizers and move to another part of the Ice Rink through illuminated tunnels.

A series of stereo souvenirs has been created especially for the opening of the Ice Rink. Reflective badges, stickers, sketchbooks, hats, socks, gloves – all accessories that will be useful on ice and prolong the great emotions after your day in the park.

The main installation

The center of attention will be a 10-meter light cube called the Matrix. The construction composed of 15-kilometers LED strip lights will be installed in the Central Alley Fountain. This geometrical abstraction consists of cubes that are located within each other. Flickering facets of cubes make up a rhythmical pattern. The conflict between real and imaginary forms produce optical illusions.


Marina Lulchuk, Gorky Park Director:

Our Ice Rink is going to be expanded. The area is getting bigger by one thousand square meters of ice. The opening hours on weekends will increase by one hour. There will be constructed two new pavilions, and the 3 existing ones will become more spacious and comfortable. Moreover, we are opening two food courts, with a total of 20 cafés. This number is twice bigger than last year. And, certainly, we hope to see more guests.

More ice

The Ice Rink in Gorky Park is divided into 3 parts: the main area, a rink for children and an ice hockey rink. This winter the Central Alley will become longer by almost 100 meters of ice: it takes up all the space from the fountain to the Dance floor. Also, there will be rounded alleys on both sides of the main installation where visitors can do spectacular tricks.

Tickets without any problems

This season, entering the Ice Rink is easy. Visitors can purchase a ticket online without a commission and scan QR code at the entrance for admission. The visitors are also welcome to purchase their tickets in the park where 13 box-offices and 6 self-service terminals will serve the rink.

Spacious changing rooms

The theatre begins with a hanger and the ice rink begins with changing rooms. A comfort of all visitors is very important for the Gorky Park team. A new hockey changing room will be opened near the pavilion №4. Also, pavilions №1, 2 opposite the Central Alley Fountain, and №3 (which is from the side of The Golitsyn Pond) have been expanded. If you have your own skates, you can use a separate pavilion №5 not far from the Central Alley Fountain.

Dance floor: stereo parties and food court

In the summer our wooden dance floor becomes a popular spot where people of all ages attend free classes of tango, salsa, hip-hop, flamenco, kizomba, etc. We have decided to continue dancing all year long. Parties under the transparent dome from the leaders of Moscow club culture will be a feature of this winter rink. All parties are going to be different. For instance, every Tuesday you can hear music sets of foreign DJs who currently reside in Moscow.

After skating, visitors can take a pleasant gastronomic break. Full variety of street food is available in cafes and restaurants that are located next to the Dance floor. You can find another food spot in the Central Alley.


Children’s Ice Rink is opening near the Sports center. This is the first time that a separate pavilion for small visitors will be constructed. It includes changing rooms, a resting area, a café and ticket office. The Children’s Ice Rink will be colorful: on its surface, like in the main area, LED lighting will be built-in. The façade of the pavilion from the side of the rink will be mirrored for the illusion of the dance class or a fairy-tale world of ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’.

The opening date will be announced soon. So, prepare your skates and follow our news. Stereo winter is coming!