Moscow Good Food Club returns to Chicago Grill and Bar

Chicago Grill & Bar – Moscow Good Food Club Review

Foodies tend to have good memories especially when it comes to exceptional meals enjoyed in the past. I am told that many hold a mental top 10 in their heads of fine meals relished around the world! It was therefore with quite some eager anticipation that Moscow Good Food Club members made their way back to Chicago Grill & Bar to enjoy, once again, the talents of Executive Chef Igor Korneev.

Chicago Grill & Bar has firmly established itself as one of the better and more reliable eateries in Moscow with continuous high standards with fine service. Our evening there was no exception as the staff made us so welcome through their hallowed doors(well actually up the escalator!).

Rather than an aperitif members were welcomed with traditional cocktails and had the choice of a Vanilla Old Fashion or White Grape Cosmo. The ever attentive waiters tempted us with Mini Bruschettas of Caprese, Tuna & Chuka Salad and Pastrami with honey mustard.

In keeping with our traditional principles we were called to our tables exactly at 20:00 and sat expectantly for the feast to commence! The first course set the standards for the evening as Grilled Scallops with a Lychee Beurre Blanc, Spinach Puree and Red Salmon Tartar were presented. Perfectly grilled the scallops were a joy to eat with the delicate flavour of the spinach and salmon. The first wine was a Viognier, it should have been a Russian wine but as the entire supply from the chosen vineyard had sold out it was a superb French Viognier!

Next up was a Shrimp Salad with Avocado, Arugula and Cucumbers which was a delicate and refreshing concoction and admirably paired with a delicious, fresh Gai Kodzor Rose.

After a few minutes the first of the meat appeared! This was Lamb Filets served on a thin slice of grilled pineapple with a Fresh Berry Sauce. The lamb was succulent and juicy, perfectly seasoned and complemented by the pineapple and fresh berry sauce. The only slight irritation was that the dishes were not particularly hot. The lamb was paired with the Gai Kodzor Pinot Noir and as seems to be par for the course discussions commenced with some loving the wine and others not.

Eating in Chicago Grill & Bar ensured that we would be served their legendary steaks. On this occasion it was the Grilled Flat Iron Steak served with Chanterelles and Zucchini. As we expected the steaks were prepared to perfection, lean, succulent and bursting with flavour. This course was paired with the Gai Kodzor Terroir and as with the previous wine the tables were divided on their opinions of this wine also.

For dessert we were treated to hicago Grill & Bar’s original Apple Tarte with their almost legendary Home Made Ice Cream. Beautifully presented, wonderful flavours and exceedingly enjoyable, especially when paired with the Gai Kodzor Muscat. Russian dessert/sweet wines are becoming consistently good with seductive sweetness.

Totally sated it was now time for our Spokespeople to prepare their Critiques while tea and coffee were served but Chicago Grill & Bar had a small surprise in the form of their ice cold, home made Lemoncello! At this point we were joined by Igor Korneev and Sommelier Andrey Gonchar who both received a well earned round of applause for their superb efforts.

All tables were unanimous in their praise for the meal especially the two meat dishes, the only slight criticism being the temperatures at which the meat was served. The service standards were highly appreciated and quite a discussion raged on the two main course wines!

As expected from Chicago Grill & Bar, the meal was excellent and is again firmly etched in our minds as another most memorable meal.

The Moscow Good Food Club members awarded Chicago Grill & Bar the following scores:-

Food Quality 8.2
Quality/suitability of the drinks 7.8
The Service Standards 8.5
The General Rating of the Meal 8.2

Congratulations to the management and staff of Chicago Grill & Bar for their excellence.