Where to go, where to be seen in Moscow this Autumn

Where to be seen in Moscow this Autumn

Its Autumn and we are heading into our new and last season in the party scene. Typically this is the time of new openings. Rabica, didn’t survive the summer, the narcotics police raided the venue and it didn’t open ever since. Rumor is, that they have found drugs with the owner. The truth is probably, that the owner(s) didn’t want to pay the usual fee to get a “Krysha”, a roof and the sort of protection you need, if running a bar or club in Moscow. Many new and young businessmen refuse to pay, which leads to raids and a closure of the venue. Propaganda, one of the oldest clubs in town was also raided last weekend. Not for the first time and probably not for the last.

“Level 2” is the new shooting star in the bar scene. They claim to have invented “chill rave” (ha ha ha!) and generally feature a more organic and less energetic sound. Anyway, the place is pretty hip these days and worth a visit. If they let you in, because the hip scene celebrates “face-control” to stay among themselves.

“Bessonnitza”, formerly known as “Artel Bessonnitza” is still the #2 venue in town, where the “rich & beautiful” are going these days, although the club gets more and more underground influences. They will have a great lineup or foreign guest dj’s this season. Among them H.O.S.H. (Oct 6th), Butch (Oct 14th), Black Coffee (Nov 4th) and the new superstars Andhim (Nov 17th). Note, that Bessonnitza changed their door policy. Its now more easy to pass “face-control”, but at the same time, they (always) require a cover fee of 500-1000 Rub.

Rumor is, that the all-glamorous “Siberia” is closing at the end of this season / year. So you better check by, if you haven’t done so. Its probably the only remaining place, where you can find a 90s Russian party. Facecontrol is still hard and you’ll need to pay between 40 000 – 100 000 Rub for a table, which is not a deposit, as elsewhere. You’ll get 1-3 bottles of Dom Perignon with the table, though. The audience is a mix of 90s Russian business man, models and politicians. Note, that a shirt is required to enter the venue, but they’ll sell you one at the entrance, if needed!

What is a table deposit? How is the system working in Moscow? Typically the doormen filter guests for their personal friends, the clubs community and by the clothes, especially shoes, the guests wear. Even good looking and well-dressed guests may be refused entry. To go around that and to make sure to get in, especially if you are with a group, you should pre-book a table. That usually comes with a deposit, meaning you’ll need to make a prepayment, which you can use for drinks and food. The deposit fees start at 5 000 Rub per person and can go up to 150 000 Rub per table. Deposits change frequently and are depending on the day of the week, location or size of the table and the entertainment program of the night. I recently started www.moscowclubs.com, where you can make a request and book tables in English language. Our service is widely free, since we have agreements with most clubs.

“Mir” is located just near the circus on the trendy and upcoming Tsventnoi Boulevard. I wrote about it before. The “superclub” is supposed to open in the beginning of November and we are all eager to have a first look at it.

So here is my rundown on Moscow’s hottest places, by weekday:

Just google the venue “name + Moscow” and you’ll get all info, like address etc.


Is usually pretty quiet. You can visit a Gentleman’s club, if that is your vice. The best is “Hunters”, followed by “Loft”, “Angels” and “Penthouse”. Maybe a cocktail at a rooftop bar? “City Space Bar” in the Swiss-Otel, the “O2 Lounge” in the Ritz or “Time Out Bar”. It’s also a good day to visit Moscow’s highest restaurants: “Ruski” or “Sixty” in the Moscow City Skyscrapers (until 23:00 only!)


Still quiet. “Propaganda got Soul” may be busy from midnight, featuring soulful house music. Groovy stuff. Mixed audience.


Recently I heard, that “Simachev Bar” is good on Wednesday nights. Otherwise check out “Garage Clubs” RnB Night, which is typically good after midnight.


Live Jazz at “Mendeleev Bar”

The rich and beautiful mingle at “Obloko” after midnight

The cities best tech-house night happens at “Propaganda” from midnight with a cool and easy audience.

Friday & Saturday

Warm-Up: Berlin Bar, Noor Bar, Keanu, Rose Bar (Russian)

Bars: Mendeleev Bar (Tech), Suzuran Bar (Tech), Jagger (Pop), Level 2 (Relaxed)

Clubs: Duran Bar (Ibiza), Bessonnitza (Tech), Icon (Pop), Siberia (Russian)

Rock: Imagine Café (Indy)

Underground: Squat ¾, Rodnya, Suzuran Bar

Afterhours: Bessonnitza, Gazgolder, Kvartira, Garage Club (House), Mix Club


RnB Night at “Garage Club” from Midnight

Happy Partying! Feel free to leave a comment and recommendations of new places, I should check and write about!

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