Alexander Gizi is a father of three kids and a founder of the World Schools Show.

For the last 10 years he have been working as an educational consultant for various schools from the UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada and other countries. He has sent hundreds of children to study abroad including his own and many of his friends kids.

During his work he maintains two principals: how find outstanding and reliable schools who will make the students happy as well as how make parents believe in what you do is right and finally trust you as a consultant. Partner schools often indicate that they have quite similar issues.

So to let schools meet their students and parent meet their potential schools he has established the first and unique fair held in Russia which gathers high schools from all over the world – World Schools Show.

The main idea of the Show is to bring together outstanding and leading schools from all over the world – Russia, the United Kingdom, the United Stated, Switzerland, Canada and other countries, and parents who consider their kids to study in a private school.

Come to the World Schools Show with your family and you will get to know:

– How to choose the right school for your kid;

– How to prepare and apply for a school;

– What the tuition costs are.

The World Schools Show is held twice a year in a beautiful 5-star Marriott Grand Hotel located in Moscow city center close to main sightseeing places.

The next Show will take part on 8th October 2017. Participation is free upon the preliminary registration on the website