Moscow Good Food Club at Restaurant Fahrenheit

One of the joys of modern Russia is the diversity of young, highly innovative Chefs that have almost appeared, it appears from nowhere, yet are playing our taste buds with a very different tune of creative flavours and ingredients.

Some of us had heard about Chef Andrey Krasov and his inspirational cuisine and so members of the Moscow Good Food Club made their way to Restaurant Fahrenheit with great anticipation on a chilly late May evening.

The décor in Fahrenheit is quite industrial yet there is a warm feeling as one enters. The main feature is the large open kitchen and it was here that our stalwart members gathered as they arrived for an aperitif of Prosecco Casa Defra and delicious Bruschettas.

Promptly at 20:00 we took our tables for the feast to begin. Andrey explained each dish in advance but the menu descriptions could hardly describe the delicate mix of flavours that we would experience. On the menu as Pacific Salmon with cold kimchi, the dish consisted of slices of succulent salmon laid on wafer thin pickled gherkins. The surprise was the sauce that combined sweetness, spice and a myriad of flavours. This excellent starter was well paired with a crisp, elegant Sauvignon Blanc Marques de Riscal from Spain.

Next to follow was Ryapushka in tempura with pickled cucumber. Again the menu description was lacking as this was pieces of tasty northern fish prepared in a light, dry tempura, in a delicious Tom Yum soup with a slice of cucumber. Amazing mixtures of flavours and colours paired with a bravely chosen Chevalier d’Anthelme 2015 from Val du Rhone. An unusual choice which surprisingly complemented to fish and soup.

The main dish was billed as Pork Cheeks with sweet potato. The pork cheeks were perfectly prepared in black garlic, soft but succulent and full of flavour. The sweet potato was actually more of a puree but again full of taste. The dished was finished with mint, mini vegetables and sprinkled peanuts. Again an amazing mixture of flavours excellently paired with a Brezza Rosso 2015 from Umbria.

Andrey then explained that the dessert was based on one of his Grandmother’s recipes. On the menu as Special Grafskie Razvaliny Cake which was a mix of meringue, deep frozen cream and cherries. The colour was a little pale on the white plates but as instructed we mixed the ingredients together and the texture and flavour(with a hidden flavour of almond) were a perfect dessert to round off an excellent meal. The Valdespino Amontillado Cotrabandista was strong and robust and perfectly complimented this unusual dessert.

Over tea and coffee the deliberations began and then the spokespeople were asked for their critique and ratings. Most were unanimous with their praise for the meal, it was commented that the menu description should portray the dishes better and that the garnish (mostly cilantro) could have been more subtle. The votes of our members can be seen in the excellent ratings for Andrey and his team at Fahrenheit:-

Food Quality:- 8.85
Quality/Suitability of the drinks:- 8.83
The service standards:- 9.00
General rating of the meal:- 8.86

With happy hearts and feeling comfortably sated, Moscow Good Food Members took their leave from Restaurant Fahrenheit and made their way back out to Moscow’s still chilly streets.

Congratulations to Restaurant Fahrenheit and especially to Anfrey Krasov for an excellent evening of Good Food, Good Wines and Great Company!