Close Protection Services in Moscow

Close protections is maybe not something that we deal with in our every days lives, however many businessmen, popular personalities and stars do rely on these services for their safety.  Moscow expat Life caught up with Nataly Kurovskaya, the Founder of Fujo Security …

Close Protection is a relatively new term to most of us. We are used to Security Services & Bodyguards, how does Close Protection differ from this?

Actually no difference! Security Services is an overall term, including many security services, like event, premises security etc…

Body-guard is guarding BODY, but term Executive protection or Close protection includes many other components, like protecting privacy and reputation for example. It is related not just guarding body and right for life, but also other personal rights.

Your Company offers much more than Close Protection/Security, you are in effect offering a complete Concierge service.

We call our additional services ‘Lifestyle Management’ that means we are taking care of daily requirements of the client. Be it restaurant, fitness or place of meeting, it must match the client status and lifestyle. For example, in tradition of presidential protection all places not only match the status, but also follows the security procedures. In this kind of protection lifestyle and security are blended and undivided. So, for lifestyle management services we have assorted collection of brands and special places that we check on quality and have an agreement for personalised service to our VIP clients with priority and pleasant compliments.

Bodyguards are historically associated with very large guys in black suits with sun-glasses, how do your employees differ to this characterisation?

Not historically, but maybe in Hollywood and comics! Generally, professional attitude is to be not in the eye. It might be used to “scare” just hooligans, but I think, visibility helps to count number of bodyguards and prepare an attack accordingly. We can be visible or hidden, or both, but never predictable for an observer. That’s why we don’t use any indicators like sunglasses, sealed hands standing position and relaxing face expression – it really doesn’t affect the quality of work.
I stopped wearing them from the moment that I realised that in sunglasses I cannot read the letters far away and temples are disturbing my panoramic vision. As observation and attention to detail is main tool of intelligent bodyguard that help him to prevent incidents.

Working so closely with high profile people must present a lot of challenges. How do you cope with languages and cultural barriers?

Exactly, in Russia is very difficult to find experienced bodyguards with good manners and English. And that’s what our Client needs at the first place – understanding. We have our own training centre where our bodyguards regularly practice English, cultural communication and do close protection training to support the skills. Kaizen helps, Kaizen is the Japanese word for “continual improvement”. It is about constant improvement with collective experience. During the training we often ask: “what you will do if…”to limit the unknown situations.

Close Protection must be a stressful business with so much responsibility. Can you share a humorous instance of an amusing situation?

One of the challenges in our work is to stay aware all the time even if the routine is boring or client is communicating in entertaining mood.
Earlier Clients were tense about safety in Russia overall and this tension did not help him to enjoy the travel. Once we went shopping and while walking between the rows of clothing, we could see that a mannequin was about to fall on the client’s head, and bodyguard very quickly caught it before the client even realised what is going on. Then the bodyguard explained that he is like super agent Jonny English and saved him from the mannequin’s attack. The good sense of humour made the client laugh and relax. It was also a funny story to tell to his friends.