5th Moscow Networking Club

Held in March, the fifth Moscow Business Networking Club might go down on record as being the turning point when everybody realised that things in Russia might actually start to get better. A cautious optimism was present, it was still cold outside, but the inexorable force of progression towards warmer weather was definitely felt. This contributed to an overall mood of celebration. Celebration for the fact that we have survived the worst of yet another crisis, and celebration because we were at NightFlight and enjoying good wine, tasty food and great company!

A certain sense of the Moscow Business Networking Club being unique because it crosses across barriers of nationality, age, politics, gender, was felt. This is unique non-aligned, apolitical format where people can talk about what they think is really important freely. The club continues to grow.

The evening’s main sponsors – Raiffeisen Premium Banking and Orange Business Services provided invaluable support for the evening, Thank You! Thank you also to Eurowine for being there and for providing three fantastic prizes.