Social Movers Spring 2017 – Maria Ushakova

maria ushakova

Maria Ushakova

I am still in Moscow, and am not going to Paris anymore. Here is my news. We are enjoying a new wave of events in Newly Opened H2-Hudson’s bar in Belorusskaya. This is an amazing place with a very friendly atmosphere created by the American twins Marc and Eric. There are live music concerts on Thursdays, and special events bring the best expat crowd together. I was recently introduced to a brand new social club on Mayakovskaya Square, it’s called ‘Spymoscow.’ This is a very high end venue with a very expensive menu and a Canadian Brand Chef. A perfect place for MGFC.

Culture: I am opening an art exhibition of my friend Rostislav Romanov in Omelchenko Gallery on The Arbat on the 6th of April. The exhibition is called: ‘Coming back home.’ The exhibition will run for one and a half months. We plan several charity-related events like children master classes and lectures in order to raise money for the Romanov Fund. Later on in the year, I am going to organise a charity ball in relation to the date of 100 years since the tragic loss of Romanov family.

An acting course in English starts on the 27th of March, run by my amazing Australian teacher, Robert at the House of Actors, Arbat, who will be also teaching us how to write scripts and tell stories. A new and such a fresh approach to acting and performing! I highly recommend this for everybody in creative industries!

As spring is in the air, we continue with our architectural excursions around Moscow, road trips to Krasnodar on motorbikes, wine tastings and cheese tastings. There will be a huge Wine Festival (Russian wines) in Pestovo yacht club; an Australian barbeque competition in Ostankino park. Please get updates about all my events, by emailing me for more information: [email protected]

I almost forgot my political predictions, which are always so accurate :) So, Germany will leave NATO and a European Army will be created, most of the immigrants in Germany and other European countries who are now without a job and are physically fit will join the New European Army. Russia and Germany will reach an agreement on joint security, and other peaceful agreements in Europe may be successfully reached this spring!  Maybe I should become a sci-fi writer:) in a constant search of profession and self-realisation, Always yours MARIA USHAKOVA