Social Movers Spring 2017 – Chris Helmbrecht

Chris Helmbrecht

Moscow is the largest city of Europe with millions of people and probably the most underestimated nightlife in the world. Even during a crisis, it is still thriving and now we are heading into the spring/summer season. The skirts are getting as short as our nights, but Muscovites will still party until 6 am or later.

So Krysha Mira is closed what is the alternative? Gazgolder is the present underground hotspot. Another is Mendeleev Bar on Saturday nights, and for parties until Monday morning. The rich and beautiful dance the night away at Kvartira. Mix Club covers the mainstream segment. But the good news is, Krysha Mira is said to re-open in May to cover the summer season.

Krysha’s owner Viktor and his team are apparently working on a new bar project. The people who saw and heard about it are very excited. Speaking of new venues the new superclub which I previously wrote about is now opening. ‘Mir,’ located on Tsvetnoy Boulevard already opened its banquet hall and is supposed to fully open this autumn. Before then, there will be various pre-parties and warm-ups to get the place started. Its owner ran Gypsy, Icon and Space. That last one surprisingly, had a closing party a few weeks ago. But no worries, Space worldwide closed and took its name back. The venue itself is still running and will continue to bring you Tiesto and the other big EDM and Techno stars under a new name soon.

Berlin Bar finally opened. After months of delays they got off to a good start. Boy what a place. Dark as the Disaster Areas stunt ship in Douglas Adams novel, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. The bar, which was designed by the awarded Berlin based interior designer: Thilo Reich, features sidewalk elements from East & West Berlin on the wall, as well as recycled streetlights. The import of these was a problem, customs could not understand why anyone would import these to Russia and how to put a value on them. The bar offers excellent food, mainly eclectic, but also some Berlin specials as ‘Currywurst’ (Sausage with Curry Sauce), ‘Bulette mit Kartoffelsalat’ (sort of a Hamburger without bread but potato salad) and ‘Molle’ which is a combination of dishes and a beer + schnapps, only offered to people, which will go home soon.

The cocktails are contemporary, but they have also dug out some classic cocktails from 1920’s Berlin. The music is a Berlin based Techhouse. Expect a good mix of people. From black dressed underground guys to creatives and theatre people to the rich and beautiful. This bar certainly is a one of its kind in Moscow and worth a visit.

Dissident is a new star in the underground scene. The venue features techno and tech-house music. Expect a younger crowd, slurping long drinks, water or Softdrinks, rather than cocktails. Still, they have some of Moscow’s best DJs playing and frequently guest DJs from abroad, who bring their flavor of underground from cities as Barcelona, London or even Bukarest. Another up and coming underground venue is Rabica. The highly-improvised club (if you want to call it a club) is very popular among the black dressed underground folks. It features Techno music and follows Berlins (slowly dying) attitude of ‘Who has the more fucked up style?’. Speaking of which, that brings us to Squat 3/4. The city’s new hotspot.

Yes yes, you are probably tired of the underground reviews. So what does the city have to offer, if you prefer it more glam & posh? The headliner is still Duran Bar. Moscow’s rich and beautiful mix with Expat executives and lots of beautiful girls. The tables are filled with French Champagne and Premium Vodka bottles. While the club / bar, features 3 rooms and a terrace, most of the fun is out on the terrace, where everybody mingles with a cocktail in the hand. Artel Bessonnitsa will start in the summer season with its open air terrace and lots of famous DJ bookings. But, this may not be your cup of tea. They are bringing the techno stars from Ibiza and Berlin. Then there is SoHo Rooms, which is SoHo Rooms.

And where to go, if you are neither a glam or underground guy? I can’t give you much advise in that segment, but a warning. Places like ‘Crazy Daisy’ (and the like) seem to be dangerous in parts. Watch out for your drinks and who stands near you. An English guy disappeared from there recently. Apparently, he was drugged and drove off with some criminals who posed to be taxi drivers.

A safe way to party wild is ‘Jagger Bar.’ I can also recommend ‘Chips.’ They are not as cheap as the low-end bars and maybe the sub-urban girls are not so willing, but you’re probably safe and in good hands, even when you are drunk as hell.

Here is my rundown for the week and as with the names above, just google or search on Facebook ‘barname + moscow’ and you’ll find all information about it.

Monday: Dead. Have a cocktail at O2 Lounge or City Space Bar

Tuesday: Propaganda Got Soul @ Propaganda from Midnight

Wednesday: RnB Night @ Garage Club from 00:30, Simachevs Bar (from 23:00)

Thursday: Obloko (glam & posh), Mendeleev Bar (live jazz & networking), Propaganda (‘democratic’, from midnight)

Friday & Saturday:  Warm-Up at Noor Bar, Berlin Bar or Suzuran Bar.

Primetime (from 1:00): Duran Bar(glam), Artel Bessonnitsa (semi-glam), SoHo Rooms (glam), Mendeleev Bar (semi glam / underground), Suzuran Bar (semi underground), Rodnya (underground), Dissident (underground), Jagger (fun & young)

Afterhour (from 3:00): Mix (commercial), Garage Club (House, commercial), Gazgolder (underground / techno), Kvartira (semi-glam)

Sunday: Suzuran Bar (techno / underground) until 1:00, Techno Gypsy (once a month), RnB Night at Garage (from 00:30), Mendeleev Bar (check their schedule, not always)

Have fun. Stay safe!