Social Movers Winter 2016 – Don Craig

Don Craig

So as it has been for most of the year, the world has gone crazy and by the time you read this we will understand just how far especially in regards to the buzz subject at all bars is ‘World Politics.’ Meanwhile, here in Moscow we continue life as normal or as normal as we can and continue to party on because that is just what we do. The summer was a blessing but our Fall season was very short and we fell into winter going from our t-shirts & shorts into our ski jackets almost overnight, but I digress.

The Good Food Club hosted by Kim Waddoup has become a monthly look forward to event combing good food with good people in a pleasant social networking evening that all can enjoy. Along those lines the Curry Club which I have hosted for over 7 years still is a Moscow favourite and is a weekly event on Tuesdays at the Tibet Himalaya restaurant located at Nikolslya 10.

Live Music is making a comeback which I am delighted to say with weekly and even Nightly events at such places as:
• Ïmagine Café
• Blacksmith Pub
• Forte Music Club
• Kozlov Club
As far as new Venues ‘H2’ modeled after the Old Hudson Bar is coming to life, with the diehard places like Papa’s and Bar BQ Café holding their own as always. For the younger expat crowd ‘Jim ‘N’ Jack’s’ still is the favourite.

As always if you want to know what I am up to you can find me on Facebook though my groups ‘Papa Don Productions’ or ‘Moscow Interacts,’ also you can follow me on Twitter @DonCraig777 & runaway777 on Instagram.