Social Movers Autumn 2016 – Don Craig

Don Craig

Well folks I got to tell you this has been one of the most enjoyable summers that I have ever experienced in my 23 years here in Moscow. That being said it did have a big effect on the Bars and Restaurants here that didn’t have a patio readily available for their clients, some places kept treading water but a few took a big hit.

Krisha Mira still amazes me as I walk by weekend morning as the crowds continue to party through the morning and the embankment is flooded with people. Kraft beer places seem to be the rage so I can’t really say that anyone is better than the other, but if you have a favourite drop me a line ([email protected]) and I will check it out and if the hype is valid I will add it to my next issue’s write up.

The New Hudson Bar labelled ‘H2’ has recently opened so it is definitely worth checking out. ‘Chicago Prime’ is still a great place to meet up with friends and to make some new ones especially popular during their Happy Hour from 5pm-8pm. ‘Imagine Café’ continues to bring us great nightly entertainment with some of the best bands Moscow has to offer and Jim ‘N’ Jack’s remains to be a favourite of the younger Expat set. Papa’s Bar & Grill still remains the king of Friday nights, though their week nights are still popular and from what I hear soon to be rebooted with some fresh ideas so stay tuned.

Until next time take care and enjoy!

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