Nodira Sadikov

For the young and ambitious photographer named Ravshaniya, there are no ugly people. In every character she will find something unique. After completing a 5-year education at the Institute of Arts in the direction of the ‘Cinema, TV and Radio producing’ she has understood that photography is her pure mission and whole life.

She benefitted from a tremendous professional background in the city of love, in Paris, and fell in love with that amazing place forever. Such an opportunity gave her a pair of wings with a wide wing span which she uses to create photographs, trusting in her own perception and principles. At the present time, she is a self-employed and a most wanted top-notch photographer in Moscow. Ravshaniya never attends professional courses or training campaigns, where most other professionals fill their empty brain cells with theoretical and practical skills in photography. She widens her inner horizons of contemplation in her own way.

Ravshaniya is against stereotyped thinking and she always chooses complex ways to reach the highest proximity of professionalism. Basically, she works in the direction of ‘levitation’ and masterfully creates brilliant images. Levitation (from Latin Levitas’s ‘lightness’) is a mental or physical phenomenon in which a subject without visible support floats in space (i.e., levitates) without touching the surface of a solid or liquid. Such an application of this genre begun with Philippe Halsman with his Photo in 1984 called as ‘Dali Atomikus.’ With digital photography and Photoshop, the life of photographers has become much easier. However Ravshaniya creates pictures in the genre of levitation in a skillful manner, and one picture takes 6-7 hours per day and the processing takes 20-25 days. It is important to note that one of the essential tools in her case is a game with daylight. With the help of light, she can present a person from different angles, to emphasize important elements in an undistorted, natural and simple way. Ravshaniya prefers natural beauty, yet she also skillfully creates a masterpiece by applying bright makeup on a material. She creates pure art and transparent pieces, revealing the natural and unfounded elements of the human inherent in nature. One of the significant peculiarities of her work is creating a picture with an unfinished motive. She adds a variety of irreconcilable details, where the audience stops for a long pause by searching some logical ending of the shots. Each piece of a masterpiece has its own life and each time, the viewer receives new emotions and tensions.

All of her works can be found at her official website: http://www.ravshaniya.com and social Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ravshaniya.