Flag Dobra Cup

Saturday 4th June 2016 saw the inaugural Flag Dobra Cup take place to coincide with the conclusion of the 2016 Art Football Tournament. The charity tournament, organised and hosted by British Football School, saw teams representing 5 different countries compete in a round-robin format set over two age divisions.

The event began with an opening ceremony in which all 8 teams were introduced and their national anthems played. With over 300 spectators watching on, this was an incredible experience for the young players to feel part of such a prestigious and international event.
As the players took to the pitch, the sense of excitement all around was exciting. Of course nerves must have been felt too, but the tournament comprised of teams of confident and well drilled players who were keen to demonstrate their abilities and compete to be the first champions of the Flag Dobra Cup.

In Division 1 (ages 10-11) teams were representing the United Kingdom, Russia, France and India. All four teams showed fantastic passion, sportsmanship and teamwork throughout the tournament. Great football was played, and the spectators were treated to match after match of fast-flowing action and goals galore. In the end, however, it was France who took the glory of the first place finish after a fiercely contested match with Russia. Division 2 (ages 8-9) saw two teams representing the United Kingdom joined by teams from Russia and India. Again, it was a competitive and tough division, with all four teams impressing with their confidence on the pitch despite their young ages. With each match being watched by the remaining 6 teams and all spectators, these young players excelled in what could have been an intimidating environment. As the final match drew to a close it was the United Kingdom who were deservingly crowned champions of Division 2.

After the matches the winners of the two divisions were welcomed by thousands of fans onto the Torpedo Moscow pitch at half time match between Russia and Romania and the players received a gifts as a memento from the occasion. For many of these young footballers it truly was the experience of a lifetime!

Director of British Football School Richard Peers said: “British Football School feel honoured to have been asked to host such a fantastic event. It was small but thrilling tournament, and it was great to see so many young, passionate footballers from all over the world taking part. We are proud to have been asked to host this worthy event and look forward to continuing to support Flag Dobra into the future.

Flag Dobra is a Russian charity which raises money for critically ill children in remote regions of Russia and for the training of volunteers who visit orphanages across Russia to provide social rehabilitation work.

Their website is www.flagdobra.ru
British Football School run weekly English language football trainings for girls and boys aged 2-14 across Moscow. Delivered by qualified British coaches, their website is www.britishfootballschool.com