Autumn and Winter Adventures in Zavidovo

So the summer has come to an end but this fortunately does not mean we can forget about short breaks and holidays especially when there is a place just 100 km away from Moscow that gives you a resort feeling all year round.

Discover the perfect mix of pristine nature and upscale lodging at the Radisson Resort & Residences Zavidovo, a well-placed hotel within a 1,250-square-kilometer nature reserve. Described by UNESCO as one of the most environmentally sound destinations in the world, the area draws visitors who seek respite from the bustle of the city. From the hotel, enjoy what Zavidovo has to offer — water sports, a PGA golf course, tennis, football, horseback riding, hunting, hiking and more. As a year-round resort, the hotel also keeps you active in autumn and winter with golf, basketball, climbing, winter windsurfing, snowboarding, jibbing etc. After a day spent outdoors, unwind in one of 239 chic rooms and 200 apartments, each with top-notch amenities like free Wi-Fi.

Leave the bustle of the city behind for the sparkling lakes and lush forests of Zavidovo. Explore the countryside on horseback, or spend a day fishing or yachting on one of the resort’s lakes and rivers. Practice your swing at the nearby Zavidovo Golf Club, Russia’s only PGA course, or indulge in spa treatments without leaving the comfort of the hotel.
Holding a barbecue is always a great way to bring together your colleagues, family and friends. Breathe in the tempting aroma rising from the grill, and admire beautiful scenery as you socialize or plan your next journey.

Culture, nature and history converge in this resort at the Zavidovo Nature Reserve, an unspoiled national park. From deep forests to monumental architecture, the Tver region of Russia is an ancient tribute to the history of the country. Travel to the Palace of the Empress and the home of the famed 19th-century composer Tchaikovsky. Explore the diverse cultures, archaeology, monuments and nature reserves that are scattered throughout Tver.
The winter season is getting closer and this means we will soon start thinking about Christmas and New Year’s Eve as well as the winter holidays. At Radisson Resort & Residences Zavidovo, dreams will come true for one night with one of the most beloved fairytales of all time, with all its characters, objects and costumes. Inspired by the famous story by Lewis Carroll, the hotel is creating a setting of great emotional and aesthetic impact. The New Year’s Eve Wonderland party will be populated with all the characters of Alice in Wonderland, from the Mad Hatter to Alice, the White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts. Under the hotel’s ceiling, an illustrated book will come to life, amid mirrors, clocks and chessboards, stilts, magicians and jugglers allowing adults and children to plunge into a thrilling fantasy world.

Ready to celebrate the arrival of the New Year in the magic and surreal atmosphere of Alice in Wonderland? Book your winter stay in Zavidovo and enjoy the show full of magic and surprises.