No Hot Water?

Selection_009Have you just woken up, turned on the shower and had the shock of the month? If so, you are not alone! If you are confused why there is no hot water – cast your worries aside! This is not just affecting you and your flat. Hot water in most apartment blocks in Moscow is cut off by the Moscow City Council for infrastructure repair work. The hot water pipes are repaired, we think.

The good news is that you can easily find out when the hot water will be restored. There are two websites which will tell you when your supply of hot water will be turned on, or you can find out when, in the future, your hot water will be turned off, if you want to plan a holiday for that week or two. You could buy a small water heater and get it installed.

So to find out when your hot water will be turned on again go to:

You will see a large graphic in the middle on the screen. On the top of that, there are two boxes. Type in, IN RUSSIAN, the name of your street, and in the next box, the number of the building. Hey Presto, the information comes up, and you can see when the supply was/will be turned off and when it will be turned on.

This site does exactly the same thing.