Travelling to Plios

Photos and text by Aleksey Lazarev

See a historic town on the Volga

The small town Plios is in north eastern Russia, 71 kilometres from the regional town Kostroma. It is located on the Volga river just in the mouth of the small river Shokhanka. Plios was founded in 1410 by the Moscow prince Vasilii I, the son of Governor Dmitri Donskoi. Vasilii came first to Kostroma to escape from a Tartar khan. He ordered the construction of a customs strong point on a bank of the Volga from where the enemy could be seen from far away.

From the end of the 18th century for a hundred years, Plios played a vital role in the printed cotton trade. But from 1871, due to the construction of the railway between Ivanovo and Kineshma, Plios went into decline. It became a small provincial town where people enjoyed country life and folk arts. One of the most famous Russian painters Isaak Levitan spent three summer holidays here. Besides. The town was visited by the famous Russian painters Ilya Repin and Aleksei Savrasov, and the opera singer Feodor Shalyapin. In 1982, Plios and its vicinity were declared a state historical and architectural National Park, which now includes The House of Isaak Levitan, The Museum of Landscape Art and the Ivanov Area Folk Arts Exhibition.

How to get there:

The best way is to go by car (400 km). Budget trips are possible by bus from the bus Terminal at Tschelkovskaya (Metro station). The bus departs at 11.15 and 18.50. Guided tours by car or mini-bus are affordable.

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