Summer on the Terraces

scandThe 18th Scandinavia café summer season opened traditionally with a party on the 2nd of May, something that happens every year regardless of the weather. This year was all of plus 10 and heavy rain poured down from the heavens. Be this as it may, the famous Scandinavia hamburgers with beer must be eaten in fresh air to mark that summer has come to Moscow, and this is what happened in this most popular of expat outdoor cafés.

Always on the menu are huge baked potatoes with a variety of fillings (gravlax, crayfish, tuna mix, etc…). A wok is constantly simmering with tiger shrimps, grilled salmon, and other scrumptious foods.

The Scandinavia Café is in a special location; it is inside a large courtyard, only 20 metres away from Tverskaya. But there are no cars here, instead there are green trees. Swedish people will serve you, and you can be welcomed in at least three or four languages. Beer and homemade lemonade in pitchers are the most popular beverages here.

flightThe Flight Café, adjoining Night Flight is just a few steps away from Pushkin Square. This is a street cafe, an excellent meeting place where you can relax. The classic cheesecake is very tasty and very soft. You can spend a long time in the Flight Café drinking coffee, sipping a glass of wine, being slightly detached from the busy life on Moscow’s main street. You are welcome!