The StandarD – Pictures from the Grand Opening


The StandarD is an up-to-date café-bar with a thoroughly American feel to it in Kitai Gorod, although once inside, you could be in Manhatten. Large black and white pictures of American icons adorn the walls. The bar people smile and speak English. Food is good and not too expensive. The sound system is fantastic and there are live bands most nights. Check: for updated program.

A few comments from the many visitors at the opening night:

“Hi, I’m Matt. Everyone and their dog is here, it’s like The Tardis, they have managed to get half of Moscow into the bar.”

“My name’s Buda, I came from Hungary specially for the opening. As far as I know, this place has the best burger in town. I really like it here tonight the only problem is that all the seats are reserved. The beer is lovely, I like it.”

“I’m Gus, life is a gas, come and enjoy it.” Peter from Germany

“I’m Sunil, if I find a place that looks after you properly, I always come back.”

PLACE: The StandarD, Bolshoi Zlatoustinsky Pereulok 9, +7 495 623 6459, 11am-11pm.