Social Movers – Winter Season

Selection_075The winter season is coming and until the end of the year, it is one of the busiest and energetic times in Moscow’s nightlife. Starting from the beginning of December one corporate event follows the other, in addition to thriving parties in clubs and bars. After this period things usually slow down a bit for the month of January. During the next 3 months, we are doing selected events at Mendeleev Bar with Jazz, Thursdays and Fridays at SOHO Rooms. Also there will be (as long as the Moskva is not frozen) our new monthly boat trip on a Radisson Yacht.

From January we will have regular Friday night parties with disco music at a bar with one of Moscow’s most stunning views on the city. The location is still secret, but you contact us and find out about any of our parties on our Facebook Page: or our website:


Selection_076As last year, during this period I am very busy with Corporate Christmas and New Year parties, nevertheless I am thinking about all the new interesting projects I will work on in the coming months in nightlife too.

I will continue to support Ginza Project and all their recently opened locations like PPL, a high-end restaurant club on Yakimanskaya Naberezhnaya, where there are always internationally famous bands and DJs playing. This week for example we have the incredible band Kraak & Smaak. I can’t wait to see them live. Christian, is a cosy Italian restaurant on two floors in the Ukraine Hotel building; DoubleDutch with Artem Korolev on Tverskaya Yamskaya, a great place for a business lunch or to have a good burger in the evening. Last but not least, there is the Montana Radisson boat, floating on the Moskva river every weekend accompanied by excellent live music by the resident band Via Montana.

In December I will work with Ginza Project on the launch of a new cafè in Kitay Gorod, where the old Prado Cafè was, the name of which is still top secret but success is already sure, and on the opening of “Пряности и радости” on Tsvetnoi Boulevard, which you enjoyed in Park Gorky during the summer.


Selection_077Well I must say that this fall had it’s ups and downs in the nightlife arena, at least in my neighborhood. The Buffalo Bar became a repetition of lies, greed, and failure because of it, sorry to say I didn’t see that one coming. Lesson learned let’s move forward.

The Standard Bar owned and operated by Doug Steele & Co, has taken on a life of it’s own and now is another great local hangout for expats. You can find Dr. Nick playing there every Thursday with his band and inviting anyone interested to come up on stage and jam along. The Bar has great food, a daily happy hour, and the infamous radio personality Pete Cato behind the bar serving up cold ones and his brand of humor.
The doors to the new Papa’s opened up with a roaring success and is operating from 6pm until 6am, hopefully going to 24hours in December. The place is fantastic with seating for over 350 people and standing room for up 1,500. The menu is the same great food as before with one of the best Pizzas in Russia. Daily events to keep you from getting bored and great specials to make everyone smile. 
I had a chance to explore around a bit recently and came along a couple of nice restaurants. The first one being the new ‘Double Dutch’ serving up probably the best lasagna I have ever had in Moscow. The second place I understand has been around for a while located in a small alleyway near Pushkin Square called Venezia, which has great service and food. This winter look for the opening of a new ‘Roadhouse’ in the center of Moscow and a very famous and well-known franchise coming your way from the USA.