Social Movers – Sept 2013


Don Craig

This Summer things have been rather quiet with attendances to many events being far lower than anticipated and
 in many cases less than in 2012. This may well have something to do with the weather or perhaps because many people decided to get out of town for the season. For now we are praying for an Indian Summer, which is better known in Russia as “Бабье Лето” (Women’s Summer).
The usual haunts such as Krisha Mira, Soho Rooms, Strelka and Olive Beach kept people entertained with their summer programs whilst attendance to other venues is a bit of a let down.

Local favourites such as Casa Agave, Hudson, and Papa’s Place have also managed to keep things going with their usual steady performance 
and service, though even they have struggled through the weekdays along with everyone else.

Included to this mix this summer is the new Standard Bar which opened its doors and flourished thanks to Doug Steele being at the helm. At the same time I quietly took over the Big Buffalo Bar & Grill project and started breathing new life into it with some great music and events and this is developing nicely.

The upcoming fall promises not to disappoint with a number of new restaurants and events popping up all over Moscow.

Remember the name ‘Bad Room’ and keep your eye on the bouncing ball as this year is far from over!!!

Chris Helmbrecht

Chris Helmbrecht

Autumn. The leaves are falling and people are coming back from their vacations. Usually in mid-Sept, Moscow’s parties are picking upin terms of energy and the public. We’ll continue with our Thursday events at Time-Out Bar, Mendeleev, Soho Rooms and Jagger. Besides we’ll start occasional Friday night parties with a disco theme. We may also go back to our roots and throw a Labelfucker party now and then, with a great mix of people, NO FACECONTROL and cool mashup hits. A pure party! Besides all that we have an all-German party coming up on Germany’s national holiday, Oct 3rd and later on Nov 9th (Fall of the Wall). Party On. More to come. Check our Facebook groups LBLFCKR and WE! for details and updates.