Social Movers – Maria Ushakova

Maria Ushakova

A Don’t miss a fantastic opportunity to smell English roses at the newly built ‘Queen’s garden,’ here in Moscow! Our summer will start with a huge celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday at the Anglican church of St. Andrews.

On the 24 of June, we pay our highest regards to the French community and it’s cultural legacy by organizing ‘La Fete de la Musique’ celebration, together with my friends from and other partners and singers. Following the steps of the French Statue of Liberty, let’s move to the USA.

As part of the 4th of July celebration, we will be throwing a huge party, with Country music; our favourite Dok & Dan beer and traditional American food prepared by a great American chef, John Jr. Ludham. That’s only possible if Moscow Polo Club and the American Chamber of Commerce don’t steal my beer sponsor, Dok & Dan brewery away from me for THEIR regular yearly celebration activities:) But, after all, the founder of this Russian brewery is AMERICAN.

Usual business: The Moscow Expat Travel Club gathers regularly for excursions and short trips around Moscow and beyond. One interesting trip coming up includes: a visit to the first Russian Arms and Guns manufacturer on the 23rd of June. Sometime in July, I am throwing a party at an exclusive villa in Tuscany, Italy, only 15 bedrooms, but, this should be a great experience! All the guests are millionaires and the villa belongs to a rich lady Х. She bought the entire city of Sienna, including its numerous thermal water resorts. I gave myself one month to learn Italian, and I do hope my Italian friends will appreciate my efforts. I could even be useful to their expat community too.

As Moscow expat Life magazine has already put the beautiful country ‘Armenia,’ on the map, we at some point this summer, plan to be visit that country for a wine and cognac special tour. I especially recommend you to visit Voskevaz winery, run by an amazing Oganesyan family of three sons! One is a fashion artist based in LA, the second is a jewellery artist, based in Moscow and the third is a wine artist based in Armenya. They are the most generous people I know! Also in July, I am organizing a Greek traditional dinner on one of the most beautiful roof terraces in Moscow, and luckily of my good friend’s, Tim Kasper’s apartment. He does not know about it yet, though:) I hope, once he reads this, he will approve my idea and support it:) Caterpillar – forever!

Where do I go out to eat in Moscow? Well, for now, I am not going out a lot, but, from August onwards, when the restaurant of my dreams finally opens, I will be eating at Maxim Syrnikov’s restaurant, as I absolutely adore this chef. Look him up, Maxim Syrnikov – he’s the best:) . I am still running the Moscow Amateur Theatre and I am planning to bring some shows from London to Moscow, but I need sponsorship! If anyone wants to sponsor my theatre, here is my email: [email protected] And, never forget to support Kim’s magazine, that you are holding in your hands, it’s not an easy task to publish a magazine in such economically challenging times. I believe that only together, we may remain strong! Using the words of the Greeks who worked for the Italian mafia in the USA: ‘Una faccia una razza!’ :) Birds of same feathers flock together! Let’s flock then…