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So let me start by saying that life here isn’t for the weak of heart but if you have stuck around, then you know there are still things to do. The month of March was crazy with bad weather; you didn’t know whether or not to bundle up for an arctic blast or find your spring jacket. April wasn’t so bad but you could see in the bars and restaurants that people just weren’t going out as much as they use to. With May came the holidays and Moscow became a ghost town though the late night clubs still seem to have a strong pulse as I can see the traffic and taxis lined up outside of Krysha Mira as I walk my new pup Scruffy in the morning down along the Moscow River.

We opened the new off-shoot of Papa’s Bar & Grill called the Papa’Zoo Bar which is gaining traction day by day with the Papa’s branded nightly promotions adding in live music to the mix, which, as you all know, is my signature move. Whether you like Rockabilly, Cover Groups, Latino, or just feeling like dusting off your instrument and coming over for a jam you can be sure to find something interesting at Papa’Zoo (Including our weekend New Year’s Ever Parties).

The streets are coming to life for the summer season so as always I am looking forward to spending time and visiting all the great parks in and around Moscow. Make sure though to get your supplies from your local super market before leaving since the Kiosks are disappearing quickly.

Note for the future, those of you who love Vilnius or use it for you Visa run keep in mind that my friends and I will be opening a new ‘Donnie’s Bar & Grill’ there early fall 2016.

Until next time take care and enjoy!

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