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We are entering the best time of the year. The grim looks of Muscovites faces are changing to positive smiles and the skirts of the ladies are getting shorter and shorter. For us party makers this is one of the best seasons of the year.

Lets start with one of Moscow’s best-kept secrets, Suzuran Bar at Sverchkov Ul.8. You will arrive and stand in front of a big metal gate and a door will let you enter the yards. On the left, just near the gate, you’ll find a pretty normal door with a small metal plate, saying you have finally found Suzuran. Ring the bell and enter into a stylish Avant-garde bar. Although the creators had Japan and Mangas in mind (Suzuran), the bar looks typically Berlin underground and besides rock music (during the week), they feature techno and techhouse. Suzuran is not a club, but a tiny secret bar, where you can enjoy delicious cocktails (choose your sin!) and listening to good music. Tables are free to take (if there is a free one). Most of all, this place is really friendly and comfortable. A real alternative to the well-known Mendeleev Bar. The Suzuran is one of my favourite hangouts these days.

Artel Bessonnitsa (aka ‘Insomnia’), will open its summer terrace and feature some of Germany’s best techno DJs and Ibiza’s house DJs this summer. The small and cosy terrace will definitely be the favourite hangout of Moscow’s rich and beautiful.

Russia’s most known fashion designer Dennis Simachev has opened yet another venue. What was meant to be a fight club and elite gym at first, turned into a club and bar as well. ‘Hooligan’ is beautifully designed and has a downstairs room with a fight ring, where the girls are dancing and a tech houseroom upstairs, with a terrace and an open fireplace, for cold summer nights. ‘Hooligan’ is just across from Jagger.

Duran Bar, Moscow’s shining 1-year-old star, just opened a new room, which also features a terrace during the summer. ‘Liberty Room’ is meant to be a contrast to Duran Bars main room and features techno and tech-house. Yes, you’ve read about these music styles before in this column and it means that this is the hot stuff this summer. Techno is the new EDM! ‘Liberty Room’ and is meant to be the melting pot between the creative, tattooed, sneaker wearing and the suits and cocktail dresses. But don’t let that fool you. Its still the #1 place for the rich and beautiful and super hard to get in.

As the summer season starts, you’ll find Moscow’s coolest underground DJs playing on Rodnya’s roof as well as on the balconies of Time Out Bar. Both features the Who’s Who of Moscow’s best DJs and the occasional guest DJ from abroad. Open air of course. Try my favourite Moscow Mule, when you are at Time Out Bar.

Looking for a busy weekday place with good cocktails and live music (every day!). The makers of Mendeleev Bar just opened a new venue, called ‘Kerosin,’ which is just what you were looking for. The only downer is the 500 rouble cover fee, but that also gets you a free drink.

Motel is still one of the city’s hot spots these days. The owner of Rolling Stone Bar opened this stylish retro place last autumn and the bar/club features various rooms, looking like a 1970s/1980s motel. It’s not so easy to get inside, but definitely worth a try.

What about Rolling Stone Bar and Gipsy? Kindergartens. The average age of the guests in these places is 21. So if you are somewhat of a paedophile, go check it out.

That leaves me with my two living rooms and all favourite places in Moscow: Mendeleev Bar and Krysha Mira. There is not much more to say about these legendary venues. Great (and crazy) people, good music and fun. Both not easy to enter, but worth trying ;-)

Here is my rundown on good places. Just Google the name + Moscow and you’ll find more information about it. In no order: Jagger, Hooligan, Duran Bar, Kvartira, Krysha Mira, Motel, Mendeleev Bar, Artel Bessonnitsa, Siberia, So Ho Rooms, Duran Abr & Liberty Room, Kerosin, Time Out Bar, 8 Oz (Sundays!), Rodnya, Lebedenoe Ozero.

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