Paying for your mobile telephone at a terminal


There are many different makes and models of pay machines which handle mobile phone payments in use in Moscow, however most of them work in the same way.


Step 1.

Identify the service you need:
The first ‘home’ screen will ask you what kind of services you want. The Russian words: ‘ОПЛАТА УСЛУГ’ (payment for services) are what you want.

Step 2.

Identify the service you want:
Selection_026You will be presented by an 
array of services which indicate the various services which the company operating the terminal has signed up for. Fortunately, to keep things simple, the logos for the most popular mobile telephone companies are displayed on the top row.

Step 3.

Having identified your mobile telephone ‘operator’ by its logo, you will then be asked to key in your telephone number. Having done this, you hit the button which says ‘ВПЕРЕД’ (NEXT). On most terminals this is coloured orange, but make sure you don’t inadvertently press any other buttons which may download various entertainment programmes onto your phone.