Moscow’s Business Clubs

Don Scott - President, British Business Club, Moscow

Don Scott – President, British Business Club, Moscow

British Business Club

President: Don Scott

In the mid-90’s a small group of businessmen met up to talk about what could be done to support British businesses in Russia and help local communities. By 1998, this became a comfort meeting for those who had survived one of the hardest financial falls to hit anywhere. However, the British business Club continued to pull together the British business Community and assist local charities and business people. Today, the British Business Club supports more than 600 British or affiliated people and companies with regular meetings and charitable events. We have strong local contacts and help where we can, if not directly, then at least with a guiding hand to a person, organisation or ministry. Russia continues to offer massive opportunities to British businesses, but it takes stamina to see them through. The BBC offers a small sanctuary of Britain to help in these times.

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Slava Konovalov - Managing Director and Founder - ABIE

Slava Konovalov – Managing Director and Founder – ABIE

Australian Business in Europe, Russia (ABIE)

Managing Director and Founder: Slava Konovalov

The Australian Business In Europe (ABIE) was founded in London in October 1975. The objective was to provide a forum for Australians working in Europe and European business people associated with Australian industry to meet regularly, get to know each other and discuss topics of mutual interest.

Today, ABIE has an international membership of about 1,000 drawn mostly from Australian companies with business interests in Europe and from a wide range of European companies with reciprocal interest in Australia.

ABIE hosts a range of events designed to keep members up-to-date with business, political, sports and cultural developments occurring in Australia. It also runs a social programme to facilitate networking.

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Giovanni Stornante - President, Italian Business Club

Giovanni Stornante – President, Italian Business Club

Italian Business Club (ITAM)

President: Giovanni Stornante

We organise social and professional events for the Italian community. We bring Italians together, help their integration when they move to the big city, facilitate the exchange of ideas, experience and opportunities between the Italian and other business communities. Ultimately, we make Italy a little closer to Russia.

Any organisations and individual in Moscow that are either Italian or focus their business on Italy can join the club.

Our greatest challenge is understanding and dealing with intercultural differences, that can really make or break any venture here. Adapting to the Russian business style without losing one’s own is of paramount importance as is re-creating some of the quality of life of your country of origin, with particular attention to issues such as sourcing healthy food and ingredients, exploring the vast wealth of Russia’s culture, taking frequent breaks from the city to breathe clean air.


Avril Conway - Chairperson, The Irish Business Club

Avril Conway – Chairperson, The Irish Business Club

The Irish Business Club

Chairperson: Avril Conway

 The members of the Irish Business Club are a mix of both Russian and Irish professional people and private individuals. It takes some time to understand the Russian culture and to make friends. Russian people are very well educated and I truly believe our role is to transfer knowledge and understanding. This is sometimes a challenge for people.

Moscow as a city is very big and yet very small; it can feel like a lonely place if you are not active and out there. Sometimes the things we take for granted like shopping and driving can be very challenging here. All in all it is a super place but, for anyone who is new, the only advice I would give is ask for advice; it is always useful. We try and help in this
respect as much as we can.

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