IWC Art Auction



IWC Art AuctionShowing real creativity in fund raising for its charities, the International Women’s Club held its first ever art auction in October, at the Hungarian Cultural Centre. Eleven pieces of art were auctioned, all but one of which achieved its starting bid price.

Katalin Diossi, the IWC charities co-chair displayed amazing flair as 
an auctioneer.  She confidently and charmingly encouraged the bidding to ever higher levels. The IWC will have to watch that she doesn’t get hijacked by a professional auction house.

Some pieces spiraled upwards for three or more times the starting price. The auction had all the tension and pressures of a London art auction in miniature. Tense bidding battles between the lady
in red and the gentleman in the third row led to gasps and rounds of applauds. All was in good faith however, as everyone knew that the higher the bidding goes, the more the very real people who the IWC’s charities help, will benefit from the 121,500 roubles which was raised at the auction.

Hats off to the artists who contributed a painting each to the auction, and to the IWC for sheer creativity.

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